MiSearch for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

Powerful CRM Multiple Custom Entities Search Function

MiSearch for CRM is a universal search tool integrated with your current Microsoft Dynamics CRM system. It's an extension module which has enhanced functionality of default Quick Find feature of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, particularly in CRM 2011 & 2013.

This application enables you to search records / entities in CRM by expressions of the selected keywords. You are able to locate records that associate with any custom entities. Metisc team builds this feature to bridge the gap in CRM 2011 & 2013 as well as to enhance functionality of the CRM itself. 
Entity Search Configuration


The global admin - side can define custom entities that they want to include in MiSearch application. Additionally, user can choose the entities and hance make the search fit to their personal needs.

Multiple entities search Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 & 2013

Search Results

All entities, advanced search, reports, cases, campaigns and many more custom entities can be accessed from within one page in CRM. Thanks to MiSearch SPI (Single Point of Information), user is able to define number of results appearing in one page. 

search module Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Quick Tab for Custom Entity

Depending on the selection of custom entities, related search results such as emails, case, activities, etc will appear based on records they are associated with the custom entity. Basically, it's possible to search and track any data saved in CRM and see their connection to custom entity displaying in Quick Tabs ​for selected custom entity. 

MiSearch Benefits

Advance version of Quick Search of CRM
Real-time multi entities search
Enhance user search function
Accelerate user search-time effort

Simple & straight-forward functionality
Located at all CRM main-pane by default
(Marketing, Sales, Workplace and more location by CRM administrator)



You can download this application for free. Send your request by clicking the button below and we will provide you with the installer. 

Technical Requirements
MiSearch works with Microsoft Dynamics 2011 and 2013 for all installation plan (Cloud, Hosted and combination of both.




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