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Advantages to Cloud Computing Adoption for Your Organisation

Where are you spending today?

According to Gartner, worldwide public cloud service market is projected to grow 16.5 percent in 2016 to total $204 billion, up from $175 billion in 2015. This market is continuing to demonstrate high rates of growth across all markets and it expected to continue through 2017.

be the first to question all these questions, why don’t you make the tires for your company vehicles? Why don’t you grow the wheat to make the bread that goes into the sandwiches at your cafeteria? That’s right; technology can save you from keep draining out your money. With technology cost savings, Cloud can improve agility, reduce costs, and provide the tools to work efficiently.

Few technologies have affected the IT industry as profoundly as the cloud computing, which delivers computing as a service or utility. Part of the Cloud’s appeal is clearly financial; it allows organisation or company to diminish at least a significant portion of their expensive IT infrastructure and shift computing cost to more manageable operational expenses. Small companies, for example, typically have more modest in – house IT resources, which make it easier for them to look to less traditional IT methods such as s the cloud computing. Larger companies primarily approach cloud service as a cost – saving strategy for offloading non-mission-critical workloads or those exempt from compliance requirements. by comparison, midsize companies tend to be victims of inertia – significant investments in internal IT resources and procedures make it difficult to justify the technical modifications and financial demands of a move to the cloud.

Value of Cloud Computing

We love to talk about all the business benefits of moving to the cloud. But what is really the value of Cloud technology being implemented as part of your business? We heard often a conversation about the consolidation and costs. While reducing IT budgets remain a driving force, today, the talks about the practical benefits that the Cloud computing can deliver: Agility, Efficiency and Scalability. However, there is even more compelling reason that has begun to surface and is leading many companies to now re-examine how IT can better serve the business by harnessing a new breed of the Cloud technologies.

Cloud Computing Technology Australia

Cloud Computing Technology Australia

Reinventing business into the Cloud business. many organisations build out private cloud – they are establishing online services that will tap into new opportunities. For example: companies are now able to incorporate third – party services into their own bundles of offerings which are resulting into various online services offered to their customers and partners. More organisations are now becoming tech savvy in a hyper – competitive global economy, adept at leveraging the latest technology resources. To give one more example: UPS is now providing tracking and logistic application to customers from their sizable data centers. So, Cloud has brought new definition to their business. So it does to your business, if you are ready to move to Cloud technology now.

In a Word, The Cloud is Convenient

We would like to break down it benefits per definition, the first one is Agility. Agility means to reduce cycle time from ideation to product (or system delivery), which is incredibly difficult to measure given that it’s hard to do apples when every product/project is uniquely different.

Second one is Efficiency. It’s an elimination of long – term hoarding of resources. Reclamation of resources, only using what you need today because it’s like water (cheap and readily available), coupled with moving tasks to public Cloud when at capacity, it can reduce the infrastructure footprint radically.

The last one is Scalability. The move from physical to virtual makes economic sense by casting out physical hardware and replacing it with virtual – ware, since the number of servers you can provision is no longer bound by the physical size of your server closet, a whole new way of scaling your infrastructure can be unlocked. Eventually, it’s the ability of a system, network and / or process to handle a growing amount of work in a much faster manner to accommodate one growth.

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