CRM Cheat Sheet – Basic Dynamics Marketing List Creation

Your marketing list is the core of running a successful marketing campaign. it can include any one type of customer record, such as leads, accounts, or contacts.

You can create two types of marketing lists:

  • Static. Use a static list if you prefer to add and update members manually.
  • Dynamic. Use a dynamic marketing list if you want the list to return a list of members dynamically when needed, based on search criteria you set. For example, if you want to run a campaign to members of a specific city, use a dynamic list. A dynamic marketing list retrieves the updated list of members each time you open the list, create a quick campaign from the list, or distribute a campaign activity for a campaign associated with the list.

Create a Marketing List

Select the new option from the marketing list menu

image 1

Once open, complete the fields and select Dynamic as the list type, and Contact for the targeted list .

image 2

Once you have completed all the necessary fields, please click the ‘Save’ in the top menu bar.

image 3

You will notice the top menu bar has refreshed with more options, please select the ‘manage members’ option and a popup window will display  allowing you to enter the criteria that will keep this marketing list up to date for you.

image 4

The manage members works exactly the same of the advance find, you enter the criteria you wish to select the contacts that will be valid for your marketing list. in this example, we are only wishing to have contact that are still active, and the field ‘Parts / Supplies’ (Which the area of interest on the contact record) is set to ‘Yes’). You can test your criteria by clicking the ‘Find’ button which will show you the records selected by your criteria, so you can fine tune your criteria as you go.

Once you are happy with the selected criteria, click the ‘Use Query’ button.

You will now notice that the members panel, will automatically populate with the contacts that meet the selection criteria you have entered.

image 5

Now every time you enter the marketing list, whether through the management window, as above, or you utilise it in a campaign, it will reselect only the contacts that are valid for your criteria. For example, three more contacts have the ‘Parts / Suppliers’ field set to Yes, they will automatically be selected and shown in the members panel, and included in any campaigns you have going forward utilising this marketing list.

You are able to, at any point, switch from the ‘Dynamic’ to a ‘Static’ list, by simply selecting the ‘Copy to Static’ option the menu ribbon. This will take all the members current matching the selection criteria, and copy them into a static list of contacts. No further members will be taken out or added to this list without manual intervention by users.

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