BeamsCRM – A New contruction specific CRM in the Australian market

BeamsCRM is a new CRM system that is being installed in one of our clients.

While not as generic as the Microsoft Dynamics CRM/CRM Online we normally work with, for those using the Beams Accounting without an existing CRM system there are some natural benefits to using this software.

The system has an emphasis on the processes in the building industry and links with Beam Accounting.

In this case, Metisc was given the task of converting from to Beams CRM. We are currently looking at BeamsCRM as a target for our Metisc products which include:

  • Data conversion Services – Going to or moving from BeamsCRM? Metisc can do the data conversion for you.
  • MiMail – Integrate emails/voice/fax/SMS with Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, MagnetMail, Easylink/Xpediate and more (features depend on your communications provider).
  • mBO WebServices – Let your web Content Management Systems (Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Magento etc) interact dynamically with your CRM, Accounting or ERP system.
  • MiSync for Outlook/Exchange – Let your Emails, Tasks, Appointments, Contacts, Companies flow between your email and CRM/Acocunting/ERP systems (features vary by the capabilities in your CRM/Accounting/ERP system)

Graham Hill, Metisc

2 thoughts on “BeamsCRM – A New contruction specific CRM in the Australian market

  1. Mark

    How can I get the current user when you run an on-demand wokflrow? I have a wokflrow that creates an appointment, and I want the organizer of the appointment to be the person who runs the wokflrow. How do I get that to happen?

  2. Ali

    Hello,What have you found to be the best way to track whether or not an aconcut has been touched? We have 2000 aconcuts and 6000 contacts, and I want to see who has touched what over the last year. We have a seperate PEachtree system for aconcuting that is not tied to CRM 3.0, so I want to see if it is better to view the data in CRM.Thanks,Jack


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