Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Government

Metisc has been rewarded with Common Use Arrangement for Information and Communication Technology by The Department of Finance of Western Australia

Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist and solution provider, Metisc, announced today that it has rewarded with Common Use Arrangement (CUA) for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Services.
This designation enables government agencies to more easily acquire and benefit from company’s industry – leading CRM solution provider.

This acceptance constitutes a two – year agreement between Metisc and Government of Western Australia – Department of Finance in which Metisc service falls under the category 2 ICT Business Solutions Implementation Services as Recommended Supplier The specification for Category 2 – ICT Business Solution Implementation Services covers ICT applications development, establishment, implementation, integration, management and maintenance of general corporate and business applications.

Services under this category include ICT applications development, establishment, implementation, integration, management, testing and maintenance. The following are the activities:

  • Analysis and development of applications and software
  • Implementation program such as training as part of the implementation
  • Development of system manual or guides
  • Tools and content management
  • Enhancements
  • Usage and monitoring reporting
  • Application testing
  • Service desk services

This decision was reached following an extensive formal procurement and selection process in which their application was thoroughly evaluated and selected by the Procurement committee.

Providing top-notch software integration and CRM services to Small to Medium Enterprises, the corporate market, and Not-for-Profit organisations across Australia and internationally, Metisc is currently helps various clients from different backgrounds of industry providing an extensive CRM installation package, human resource training and software packages integration using the latest Microsoft technology.

‘Our solution to our clients is quite straight forward with high deliverability and at satisfying rate, the value of our solution to our government agency is clear, enabling them to understand CRM application at the granular level that can improve their customer management services value comprehensively.’ Said Graham Hill, Director of Metisc. We are proud to have received CUA ICT 2015, provides much greater convenience and crystal clear pricing to any government agency looking for best CRM solution provider and trusted partner in business.

Metisc is now listed at CUA ICT 2015 of Department of Finance – Government of Western Australia for the whole-of-government for a period of two years commencing from 1st of February 2016 to 31st of January 2018.

Additional information about how Metisc can help government clients for CRM solution and / or website / software integration services can be found here.

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