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CRM Cheat Sheet – How to create static marketing lists

A recent question from Microsoft Dynamics CRM customer was about the use of Static Marketing List, A static marketing list is a snapshot in time. User add the contacts they wanted in that marketing list depending on certain criteria. 

If a new contact is added to the CRM database, you can manually add them to the marketing list, or if the marketing list is no longer relevant to a contact, you can manually remove them.

This guide will show you how to create a ‘static’ marketing lists in CRM.
Note: create a static marketing list if you prefer to add and update members manually.

Navigate to CRM –> select sales or marketing and then click on Marketing Lists. 

static 1

Click on ‘New‘ button in the command bar.

static 2


Enter an appropriate Name. Choose the Targeted At as either contact or account. Choose Static in Type. Note that the Targeted At and Type cannot be changed once the record is saved and only members of the same type can be added.

Click Save.

static 3

Click Manage Members in the command bar.

static 4

Choose an option to add or remove members of this list.

1. Choose Lookup to add members one by one
2. Choose Advanced Find to add members based on a specific criteria

static 5

Alternatively, after creating a static marketing list, you can also add members to the list by the following the below steps:

1. Navigate to CRM, click on Sales or Marketing and go to a list of Contacts, Leads or Accounts. Note that you can only add the record type associated with the marketing list.

static 6

2. Select a record (or multiple records) and then click on Add to Marketing List

static 7

Choose the appropriate list and click on Add. The selected contacts will be added to the Marketing lists.

static 8




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