Internet of Things: The next big things!

One of the growing sectors that have huge potential aside eCommerce and payment platform is Internet of Things (IoT). IoT has profound impact towards daily life in urban city or even for those who live in the countryside. It starts with your things – the things that matter most to everyone’s business. IoT is about making data come together in new ways and more actionable than ever before.

Internet of Things

Experts have elaborated the top 3 true characteristics of IoT, those are:

1. Intelligence

Intelligence and automation control nowadays are part of the original concept of Internet of Things. Hence, thorough research is necessary in researching the Internet of Things and automation control that in the future it will become an open connection for everyone and be commanded by auto – organised or smart, virtual object and can be operated easily according to a context, situation pr by environment on – sight.

2. Architecture

The architect of Internet of Things compiled merely out of several complex connections and systems guarded by tight security. When those three elements are achieved, then automation control within Internet of Things can run smoothly in the long term to achieve great profits for most of the companies. It is not easy to build a perfect IoT architecture for the time being, therefore, effort to achieve the perfect architecture state that runs smoothly, are still ongoing as it requires great capital, resources and time.

 3. Dimension, Time and Space Consideration

In an Internet of Things, the precise geo-location of things and also precise dimensions of a thing are important. Recently, an application is being developed to organize and to connect things by location. Challenges are still remained to include the constraints of variable spatial scales, time and dimension. Eventually, if things are able to take actions on their own initiatives, the primary human intervention as the core of the process will be eliminated, and the time-space context that we as humans take for granted must be given a central role in this information ecosystem.

In Australia, people are getting aware of the presence of Internet of Things as part of daily life. An ecosystem of IoT has been gradually expanding over the time and reaching out to more users. Ecosystem is a vital element within IoT world; as they are expanding to larger extent, many activities will emerge from within that are able to generate new startups.

Another profound element in building IoT ecosystems is Collaboration. It is not only merely between startups, but also between startups and big corporations and/or startups within government, startups with research centers and with many other entities. IoT wasn’t produced originally as software made for the user, but it was made because it requires heaps of trial and errors, instead of a scalability measure. Take an example of NSW fishery department that creates e-Fishery to solve fishery nutrition issues. They were not tested in one pond only, but instead, they were tested in thousands of ponds to determine a fish’s basic instinct and other decisive factors while staging their technology into the production phase.

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