silver midmarket solution provider competency

Metisc achieves Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider Competency

Metisc is excited to announce it has again achieved the Silver Midmarket Solution Provider competency, demonstrating its ability to meet customer’s evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment.

To earn this status, Metisc was required to receive customer references about the quality of the work completed, and demonstrate expertise through a series of challenging training and exams aimed at satisfying Microsoft’s demanding standards for membership in the Microsoft Partner Network.

Metisc Managing Partner Graham Hill said: ‘This Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider positions Metisc among the top 5% of Microsoft Partners worldwide; and demonstrates the commitment and expertise of our dedicated team who worked hard to achieve this.’
Benefit to Metisc’s wonderful Customers.

Attaining the Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider competency is an investment we make in our team that produces higher quality services, expertise and advice for our customers.
It also provides Metisc with a competitive edge over other partners who do not make the investment in training and customer feedback. We are very proud that all Metisc staff, including office and administrative support staff, are required to be qualified in the Dynamics CRM application.

Equipped with the latest skills and knowledge, particularly around our main area of expertise in Dynamics CRM and CRM Online, our staff are Obsessive about providing a great overall experience for any work we do.

And as many customers begin their migration from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4/2011/2013 to Dynamics 2015 and CRM Online; and start moving into the cloud and using new devices/operating systems like Office365, Azure and Windows 10, it becomes even more critical that our staff are well trained and up to date with changes in the market and our areas of expertise.

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