the benefits of static marketing list

Static Marketing Lists – what is it for exactly?

In Microsoft Dynamics CRM, marketing lists are groups of Accounts, Contacts or Leads filtered by criteria that you specify. You can then associate marketing lists with campaigns, create quick campaigns for the records in a marketing list, and export the members in the marketing list to Microsoft Office Excel. 

Obviously, marketing list is a pretty useful feature in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to save user time and to ensure that everyone on targeted list are on the list. There are two types of Marketing lists, Static type and Dynamic type. On this article, we would like to focus on Static type marketing list and how it benefits CRM users when put into application.

Manual Intervention for greater flexibility

A static marketing list is a snapshot in time. You can add the contacts, accounts or leads you want in that marketing list depending on certain criteria.. and that was it. If a new entity is added to the CRM database, you can manually add them to the marketing list, or if the marketing list is no longer relevant to a contact, you can manually remove them.

Another goal of this list type is whenever an user wish to change the query for a dynamic marketing list, but they want to keep the current list of members intact, user can copy this marketing list as a static list.

Adding Members to marketing lists

There are several methods that you can add members to a static marketing list. Note: Marketing list can contain only one type of record such as accounts, contacts or leads.

  • Look up. Add members individually or as a group by using the Lookup feature.
  • Advanced Find. Add members that match an Advanced Find query.
  • Import. Add members when you import accounts, contacts. or leads from an external file.

Members Qualification

After creating  a static marketing list and add members to it, you can further qualify list members and remove members as you running campaigns against it. Qualification of members is important considering that you have to build a high – qualify list and increase the value throughout sales cycle.

Using static type marketing list, user is able to:

  • Remove members that match an Advanced Find query
  • Remove members that do not match an Advanced Find query

Below is a list of extended function for static marketing list that we compiled to give you a complete functional table of Static marketing list.

Members Types Leads, Contacts or Accounts
Adding Members You manually add records using the Add to Marketing list button.
Manage Members – Add records using a lookup.
Manage Members – Add records using an advanced find.
Removing Members Manage Members – Advanced Find to remove records
Manage Members – Advanced find to evaluate members
Blocked Attribute You can block a static list, which stops members being added or deleted.
Updating List Members Manual – a static list has to be updated manually
Can lists be added to a campaign? yes – All marketing lists can be added to a campaign and both static and dynamic can be added to the same campaign.

Click here to know how to create a static marketing list in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 

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