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The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia

The College of Pharmacists of British Columbia engaged the Metisc Team to implement solutions for their iMIS® CRM WCM website to streamline members user experience with the website.

We needed a better way of automatically personalizing our iMIS WCM website using the iMIS CRM data and without custom programming. Metisc provided a professional and flexible solution within our budget and delivered on time.

Tien Huynh – Business and Systems Analyst


CPBC needed their iMIS WCM website used for the Member’s area only to look similar with the public website in order to streamline the Members’ user experience. They also they needed a custom tool to restrict parts of the WCM site based on the Content Access Groups (CAG’s) from iMIS.


The first part of the solution was to implement a Custom Menu Control.

  • The Custom Menu Control provided capabilities to expand submenus when a menu is selected as well as displaying the sub-menu dynamically when hovering the main menu. It also made it easier to apply the same CSS/design than the public website menu.

The second part of the solution was to implement the .Net based Metisc CAG Custom Tool.

  • iMIS® and the Metisc CAGs Custom Tool run on Microsoft Windows and Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft IIS.
  • The Metisc CAGs Custom Tool provided capabilities for managing restrictions based on IQAs which will automatically populate CAGs.
  • The Metisc CAGs Custom Tool and the Custom Menu Control was developed using Microsoft’s .Net


Works with Microsoft ... Works with iMIS

The existing infrastructure supported the Custom Menu Control & Metisc CAG Custom Tool.

Great Support

Metisc, a Microsoft Partner, assisted with the delivery, development and ongoing support for our staff, including developing custom code when necessary.


The .Net Framework made it easy to implement the customization to the .Net based iMIS® systems.


Country: Canada.

Industry: Not For Profit/Pharmaceutical.

Customer Profile

The College of Pharmacists of BC (CPBC) is the regulatory body for pharmacy in British Columbia and is responsible for registering pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and licensing pharmacies throughout the province. The College’s mandate is to protect the public by ensuring pharmacists and pharmacy technicians provide safe and effective care to help people achieve better health.

Business Situation

CPBC initially used the iMIS® eSeries website for the members area; and needed help from iMIS® skilled consultants to upgrade to iMIS® WCM website.


Metisc staff provided insight and implemented the flexible custom control and .Net application in order to meet CPBC’s requirements.


  • Worked with their iMIS® WCM website
  • Worked with iMIS® CRM
  • Flexible components

For More Information

For more information about CPBC, call Tien Huynh at +1 604 676 4216.