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What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online is a simple yet powerful platform to record all of your event information and details. You can choose to create a campaign or event and link relevant event materials, employees who are involved, tasks to do, costs for the events, forms to be completed, emails to be sent and other tasks common to event planning, management and accounting.

How Microsoft Dynamics CRM can help Event Planners

Use workflows to automate communication with event participants. Event Organisers want to use modern integrated ways to interact with their customers, and the tools available are getting more advanced and competitive. Automation can be an added to enhance the speed and efficiency of your events, as well as reducing the cost of running an event.

The CRM Online solution includes:

  • Event Planning/Templates
  • Registration and Confirmation
  • Event Reminders (Emails/SMS)
  • Marketing a new event offering
  • Invoicing and online/offline payments
  • Reporting about the event
  • Receipt Distribution
  • Event evaluations
  • Web Integration
  • Lots of other features!!

If you would like to find out more about running events using Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online, please follow this link and we will be very happy to help you.


360 Degree View of Your Customer

It's One Application for all your data. Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides a consolidated way of managing your Customer/ Members / Registrants / Vendors data so that you can have a perfect 360 degree view of your customer’s engagement with your organisation. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online and its strong integration capabilities, you can reduce duplication of data and the associated human error which happens in most event management systems.

Event database entry in Dynamics CRM​​

Event registration form integration in Microsoft Dynamics CRM​​


Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online extend your Event Management capabilities to the Web, Marketing Automation and common Accounting systems. The invites to selected prospects or customers can be automated through email or letters using mail merges or customisable templates, and telemarketing dialogs or prompts can help your sales team ask all the right questions for your prospects. The CRM system can record registration details submitted from event pages or other event portals/systems back to the CRM system.

Our MiSync and mBO WebServices products extend CRM’s out to the web, Accounting, and Marketing Automation systems enhancing your registration and administrative processes. Read more about our mBO WebService and MiSync

Integrate with the Web/CMS systems & other Business Applications

Metisc® is a Customer Relationship Management specialist (Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online) and Independent Software Vendor providing software and integration services.

Our flagship products extend and enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online.

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Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a hybrid business solution that can increase the efficiency of your Management & Operations. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online, you have the tools to drive efficiency and optimise events and the intelligence from those events, combined with social insights, event planning and many other key event tasks and processes.

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“In this day and age, extending Customer/CRM systems out to the web for integrated event registrations is a no brainer where organisations need fast and efficient ways of interacting with their important customers and members”

Graham Hill, CEO, Metisc