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Understand Candidates Better

Metisc provides CRM solution to help your recruiters transform candidate interactions into a powerful and robust candidate application process.

​Our CRM solution manages all your resumes and important application information and easily tracks clients application and career progress; while simplifying the sharing of resumes and evaluations across your recruitment team; and providing access from the web to your CRM system for things like candidate / client requests, time sheets and invoice listings, payments and history.

Quick and effective candidate and customer management is now within your reach regardless of the size of your recruitment business. 

Integrate with the Web & Mobile

More and more organisations are extending their CRM's (or extending their websites) to provide an end to end experience for candidates and customers alike without having to pass paper or emails to conduct the business. In fact, when it comes to integrating applications, CRM is one of the best with easy extensions into the Web, Accounting / ERP Systems and Marketing Automation / Digital Marketing.

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With all this capability, the bonus you can achieve is to capture information that creates a 360 degrees view of your business.

Generic Recruitment Solution

Our CRM solution for Recruitment allows you to easily capture information from the web and immediately add it into your CRM system. 

For us, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online solution lends itself well to a cheaper and more generic recruitment company solution instead of the many expensive and proprietary recruitment software alternatives currently available.

You are able to easily find applicant, client information, record time sheets through the web integrated with your customer and accounting system, and most importantly, use your own business processes rather than someone else's.  


The advantages of Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Recruitment Company...


Save Time​​

Save time & improve productivity

Delivered via a SaaS model (Software-as-a-Service based in Australia) (or you can have it installed in your own Offices), Microsoft Dynamics CRM / CRM Online for recruitment companies is 40% faster than comparable systems and can help the recruitment team to generate more placements. 

Flexible CRM Platform​​

Flexible CRM Platform


Microsoft Dynamics CRM is built to be easily integrated with other products. This means that users can easily customise the information they see and work with, including information from a variety of systems / locations, and in similar ways, users can adapt other Microsoft software tools like Office365 and Offfice to work dynamically with CRM Online.

CRM Integration​​

Configure to your processes & workflows

Within recruitment, you can easily change or configure your own CRM, or Metisc is happy to help configure it for you allowing you to use the candidate recruitment and customer processes that you define. Microsoft Dynamics CRM is designed to help you, not get in your way.


Powerful Mobile Integration

Connect with your Candidates Anytime, Anywhere


Your interactions with candidates are not limited by location, and you shouldn't be confined to work in only one place.

Recruitment Integration lets you view and access placement data on mobile devices at any time and regardless of where you are.

Enter data into your CRM during or immediately after candidate meetings and the data will be pushed out across all devices as well as your browser, so no detail escapes you and your CRM is updated in real-time. 


A recent employment company client has commented "How convenient and accessible Microsoft Dynamics CRM can be when our CRM and the mobile devices start talking together. There is nothing like having the same customer information up to date in CRM system and in my mobile devices."

CRM Integration​​


Email Activity Tracking

Capture every conversation and stay in the relevant topic

CRM Integration​​

We live in our email inboxes, day in and day out. At Metisc we know that your sales and recruitmen team can't afford to miss conversations with prospects and clients, and with CRM's Online email and calendar integration, as well as integrated activity tracking in Outlook / Office365, they never will.

As a recruiter, the importance of keeping up - to - date with your client emails can't be understated. CRM Online provides a deep email integration and with Microsoft's Office being used, it's no surprise!

Our email integration service will always ensure your calendar is always synchronised with Dynamics CRM calendars. Essentially, it's a must have for recruitment company where shared up - to - date calendar is required. 



Candidate Profiling

Strengthen Candidate Profiling through Streamlined Processes and Focus on Relationships


Rich candidate profiling has never been easier. You can now extract information directly from a CV or through seamless integration to your website or candidate portals, Metisc can help you construct a streamlined processes that suits your organisation need.

The rich candidate profile includes key skills, professional accreditations, employment and education history, training records, passport and visa details; and ensures your knowledge of your candidates are recorded enabling better matches to the right job, the right place, and the right package.

By using Metisc native integration to Outlook, your candidate's portfolio will be recorded and tracked automatically to keep your candidate profiling on the right track. ​


Email Marketing with CRM

Unleash Marketing Potential with Multi - Channel Campaign Management

Linkedin CRM Integration​​

Attract and engage top talent / candidates from social networks and platforms where they are most likely to be. 

Marketing functionality within CRM provides a powerful range of tools with which to plan, manage and measure the effectiveness of the whole marketing function including campaign planning, marketing list creation, direct marketing and response tracking. With a wealth of talent consistently flooding into the candidate pool, employers need a social media recruitment channel that can help them effectively source and communicate with the right candidates. 

For extended marketing functionality, Metisc email marketing integration service allows you to streamline and automate your marketing efforts through CRM integration with many popular Digital Marketing / Email Marketing service providers. 




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Microsoft Customer Relationship Management is a flexible business solution that can help you increase sales and marketing results. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you are able to drive optimisation of business intelligence combined with social insights, campaign management and many other key customer relationship matters from within 'The Cloud'

Feel free to give Metisc a call on 1300 792 700 or call Graham directly on 0418 448 228 about Microsoft Dynamics CRM & CRM Online in your recruiting business.


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Metisc Dynamics CRM / CRM Online solution enables recruitment companies to quickly and efficiently manage the candidate selection and customer sales side of their businesses.