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See why Thousands of Australian Companies &  Accountants choose MYOB as their business accounting tools


MYOB is the preferred Australian accounting software for most business owners. MYOB is built for businesses of all shapes, sizes and sectors - from start - ups to well established operations, including those operating nationally and internationally. MYOB help businesses grow from a single entrepreneur all the way through having hundreds of employees.

Metisc provide a complete MYOB installations and full configuration assistance until full deployment of the application and full integration, if necessary, with MYOB is achieved. Our expert is well experienced in MYOB Developer program for the past 15 years and ready to assist you throughout the process, from planning to execution.

MYOB help simplify your: 

Retail point of sale
Job management
Professional tax solutions
and more


You're free to choose
As trusted MYOB partner, we believe you deserve the freedom that comes with choice. We provide you with desktop software to cloud - based operations, the choice is yours.