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Metisc has a customer service orientated philosophy – providing customers with the highest levels of service during projects, support and software development. Becoming a Microsoft Partner with Gold CRM Competency in March 2008, Metisc has used this philosophy to help organisations such as Motor Trades Association of Western Australia, Freemasons Western Australia and Community West (to name a few) to realise the potential of their Dynamics CRM installations. Too many organisations that do the same type of work as Metisc have a “drop-and-run” mentality; not providing their clients with real objectives, customer service or service after a project is completed.

All projects that Metisc completes come with a final sign-off meeting where the objectives laid out in the preliminary scoping session are signed off by the client. This is the way that we ensure our clients are satisfied with the work that is being done and is followed up systematically during the project. Metisc also tries to cut the costs for clients by modularising and packaging all of the work previously completed so that future clients can take advantage of the intellectual property that Metisc owns. These can be bought as products to do specific tasks during a project, or used to save time and money on a larger scale solution. The iProducts suite is an example of this work.

Metisc is a Microsoft Partner Netwrok member with a Silver Mid Market competency, and has previously been a Gold CRM Competency, and has a long history of working with an array of CRM systems & software development. Metisc focuses on assisting our clients to work more efficiently with their customers and prospects via our flagship products that enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, iMIS ® CRM, iScore, MYOB, MYOB EXO and so much more. We’re a Western Australian own & run organisation that distributes our products and services around the globes to an array of businesses and Not for Profit organisations. Our projects have successfully been completed in the United States, Canada and Australia. Our clients include Advanced Solutions International Inc., Telstra, WA Football Commission, Prison Fellowship Ministries, Real Magnet/MagnetMail, and many more.

How Does Metisc Differ from Our Competitors? 

Metisc’s core focus is on achieving long term cost effective relationships with our clients & partners.  We are very proud of the long list of customers that have been with us for many years. Word of mouth is still the way many new clients come to Metisc. Our deep understanding of how many businesses and Not for Profits work with their customers is used to produce products that complement and enhance how a customer uses CRM, ERP or their accounting systems.


Metisc is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) specialist and an Independent Software Vendor providing software and integration services to customers in consumer, corporate, government, education and small to medium businesses.

We like to integrate software packages and simplify how your business operates - our flagship products extend and enhance the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, iMIS® Engagement Management System for Non Profit Organisation , iScore CRM for Sports Management, MYOB, MYOB EXO and other CRM and Accounting installations. We have a long history of working with CRM systems, and we do it well.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Metisc has more than 20 years of experience supporting and providing software to a range of Small to Medium Enterprises, the corporate market, and not - for - profit organisations across Australia and internationally. 

You will find a qualified and experienced partner capable of providing advice and products to help manage your customers in the cloud or in your office. The Customer Management solutions we recommend can work with all your corporate systems including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Sharepoint, QuickBooks, MYOB, EXO/Exonet, iMIS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Outlook and Exchange, Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. Our business solutions and expertise will allow you to leverage your existing software, skills and processes to work more efficiently, reach new customers, and save money.

Metisc IT 2010 Awards Western Australia Perth Microsoft CRM Partner


Partnership Competency

Metisc has been an official partner of several world class business software manufacture such as Microsoft, MYOB Accounting Software and iMIS® for Non-Profit Management. To earn this status, Metisc is required to receive customer references about the quality of the work completed and demonstrate expertise through a series of challenging training and exams aimed at demanding standards for partnership competency. Furthermore, Metisc staff have the right skills, sets of experience and a well proven method in helping customers meeting up their expectation

In recognition of our developments within the IT industry, we have won an international award for software innovation, been short listed two years running; and won an International Award for our Customer Service. And the most recent achievement as Microsoft Silver Midmarket Solution Provider Competency. Read here for our official announcement.


Metisc CRM Add - Ons

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Extension

At Metisc, we are developing innovative tools to help enhance the capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

We pride ourselves on the ability to provide our client with great integration functionality, user experience and efficiency.