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Microsoft Dynamics CRM Comparison:

On – Premise & Online

Customer Relationship Management is a hybrid business solution that can increase sales and marketing efficiency. With Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you are able to drive optimisation of business intelligence combined with social insights, campaign management and many other key customer relationship matters.

With competitive flexibility, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available as a cloud service, or installed as an On – Premise database.

Metisc, as trusted Silver MidMarket Solution Provider, has many years of experience operating many of the world’s largest cloud – based services and business tool software together with a strong history in supporting On – Premises deployments and those using a private cloud.

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On – Premise

This is the traditional implementation of a CRM software package. Microsoft CRM licensing and the hardware needed to run it are purchased up front and managed on site by the customer. Don’t worries, in this selection, Metisc can help you handle the matter with our extended WebServices and CRM Integrator Tools that fits according to your CRM need. With On - premise option, your organisation can retain complete ownership of data and full control over when CRM updates and new feature upgrades will be applied.

  • Utilise your current investments with your familiar hardware and IT infrastructure
  • Retain complete ownership of your important data
  • Full control over when CRM updates and feature upgrades are applied
  • Utilise in house personnel or outsourced IT resources who will manage CRM
  • Set a limit parameter from rising data storage costs when database exceeds size the default 5GB cloud CRM Online account limit

It’s installed against your own server(s) giving you complete control of the management and maintenance of your database in house.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online (Cloud)

Customers of today are far more educated about the products than before, they need swift access to data anytime, anywhere and on any device, with the ability to not only consume data, but to create a new, actionable data from customer interactions. That's why Cloud CRM is really an interesting option.

  • Implement CRM quickly without in house IT resources or incurring hardware expense
  • Avoids the overhead of maintaining a dedicated CRM server
  • Receive CRM feature updates before the on-premise edition
  • Predictable monthly subscription
  • 99.9% uptime service level agreement financially backed by Microsoft
  • Works on the Office 365 platform to combine CRM with the benefits of Sharepoint, Skype messaging and hosted Exchange

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Hybrid version
Hybrid Combination

You guessed it. The hybrid CRM model is a combination of the On - Premise CRM model and the Hosted CRM model. It allows companies to create unique deployment models that meet your business requirements.

Metisc is committed to working with customers to educate them on CRM selection and to help them find the best model; whether a hybrid CRM, On - Premise CRM solution or a Cloud hosted CRM solution.

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