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​​CRM for Customer Service

CRM helps improve your customer relationship. Whether you handle customer service or support cases via email, over the phone, or directly with customers, Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Dynamics CRM Online gives your organisation a single point to consolidate several issues and to keep track of problem that matter most to your customers.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service

​​Client Oriented Service

Today business world is rapidly changing the way that clients interact with professional corporate accounts. Microsoft Dynamics CRM business software equipped your customer service professionals with a customer service and support solution that combines the productivity tools with ease of use.

There is wealth of features available such as case management, workflows, dashboards, analytic and knowledge management within Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Outlook client so they can work in a familiar environment and personal to deliver high-quality work and efficient service.Read more about Improving Customer Service using Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft CRM Online

Improve Customer Service with Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Client Services

Customer Engagement Intelligent

The process of engaging customers can't be understated and most of all it can't be uniformed as well. It needs to be adaptive across all touch points and align with the context of your customer. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables your company to build customer trust, loyalty, and insight.

Metisc help your company deliver amazing customer experiences by adopting 3 P's in customer engagement.

  • Personalise

    Customer-oriented result and engagement

  • Proactive

    Analysing the needs of each customers and to determine the best communication method with them

  • Predictive

    Using analytics feature in CRM, create an end-to-end analysis of your customer to identify patterns and outcomes.

Efficient customer engagement help drives higher levels of service and close more deals much faster while you are reducing costs associated with service delivery.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer engagement
About Metisc

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Recruitment Agencies

Metisc has been successfully implementing CRM for Recruitment agencies across Australia. We help recruiters transform candidate interactions into a powerful and robust candidate application process.

Help Your Customers. Earn Loyalty.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM goal is to help your organisation deliver amazing customer service experience, because every interaction matters.