What is iDues?

iDues is a product that provides flexibility in installment and subscription (dues) processing for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, CRM Online and iMIS®

iDues is suited to membership organisations that want to be able to provide flexibility to dues processing. By utilising iDues, you can set your billing periods to realistic options that suit both you and your members.
The control is with you and your members: iDUes allows billing periods of daily, weekly, fortnightly or on any period you have specified.

Full Invoice Control

iDues invoices uses standard Dynamics CRM Online Advanced and System Views; and iMIS® Adhoc Searches to locate member details, communicate billing / invoices with those members, and optionally process the payment immediately or through bank upload

So, customer selection and inclusion or exclusion is totally in your control, and doesn't require any outside assistance.

Product Features

Payment Solution

Payment Solution

  • Payment gateways* can be attached automating both the invoicing and the Payment
  • Bank files* can be created for bulk upload and processing of credit cards and bank accounts

*A variety of Payment Gateways and Banks are supported. Check in with Metisc to confirm if your bank/gateway is available.

Invoice and Billing

Invoice & Billing

  • If a member pays the subsciption due, it will automatically 'Drop Off' the unpaid invoices list
Business Automation

Automate Your Business

  • As soon as invoices are paid, members financial and subscription date details, are updated automatically
Dues Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015​​


$890;- / CRM User*
*Price is for single purchase / per CRM user, price incl. VAT & installed in your company CRM system.


Microsoft CRM Online

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (On Premise) 2011/2013/2015 and 2016.

iMIS® 10/15/20

iDues for Dynamics CRM and iMIS® see our feature