iRemote for iMIS®

Activity & Contact Solution for iMIS®

iRemote is a great way to keep contact information about your valuable members and clients up to date. iRemote also provide a quick find to display basic information on your contacts while you are on the road, and a host of useful features like shortcut keys, exporting, crystal reports and emails / communications for the records in your local database. 

iRemote will automatically choose your iMIS® database if you can connect to it, and choose your local extract when you are not connected. When connected to iMIS®, you can synchronise the updated and new activity / contact records using iRemote. 


iRemote handles searches from the simple to the most complex:

  • Search on data in virtually any fields or name tables in iMIS®, including custom tables.
  • Use iMIS® adhoc searches; for example: select meeting attendees or committee members. 

iRemote increases the flexibility of your travelling iMIS® users. iMIS® users will be impressed with its ability to simplify and speed many everyday tasks when not connected to the office network or internet. 


iRemote let you record activity status or add new activities, so you can keep a record of actions taken as a result of your searches or communication with clients. 

iRemote is simple to use and reduces the double entry normally associated with road trips or working on a plane where you cannot be connected to the office. Get the best of both worlds and save yourself some time! iRemote is fast and easy to use and will provide your organisation with a great tool for use with the iMIS® software from ASI. 

The activity can include a link to related documents, so you can easily see what information was sent. For faster updating, you can assign function keys to specific activities. For example, a telemarketer can record the result of a phone call with just one click. You can use start and stop buttons to recrods the length of time an activity took. For example: the duration of a phone call. 

Dues Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015​​
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$890;- / iMIS® full user license*
*Price is for single purchase / per iMIS® user, price incl. VAT & installed in your company system.

iMIS® Requirements
iMIS 10 - iMIS 15 - iMIS 20






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