​​MiSync for iMIS®

Contact Integration Solution for iMIS® and Microsoft Exchange Server / Microsoft Outlook

MiSync for iMIS® is a solution for synchronising contacts between iMIS® 10 / 15 / 20 and Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft Outlook. Synchronisation is provided both one ways as a 'push' mode from iMIS® to Exchange, and two way 'full - sync' mode.

MiSync is perfect for organisations whose users want
iMIS® information available in from Outlook, Microsoft Exchange systems and mobile devices synced with Outlook.
iMIS Microsoft OutlookIntegration

See iMIS® Records in Calendars & Contacts 

Use Outlook Web Access to see iMIS® records without iMIS®

Contact synchronisation iMIS and Microsoft Exchange

Customised Contacts Sync

Ensure Exchange based contacts are always synchronised from iMIS customer records based on selected Adhoc searches

iMIS Contacts Offline Mobile Access

iMIS Contact Access While Offline in Mobile Devices

Allow mobile devices which sync with Outlook to be used offline while still having access to important iMIS contacts.

Prompt Contacts Update

Keep records in iMIS and Outlook / Exchange up to date without having to login, import / export or manually update the records.

Messaging Systems Update

Keep email distribution lists based on iMIS data up to date in your messaging systems.


$890 / iMIS® Full User License*
*Price quoted is for single license purchase
 and excludes tax / VAT / GST

iMIS Requirements

iMIS® 10 - iMIS® 15 - iMIS® 20 (latest)




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