Sports Management System

Companies in the sports and entertainment business face exponentially increasing competition for consumer’s attention. With so much attention and creativity required on the revenue side, sports and entertainment companies need a reliable sports management system that performs extremely well and provide an opportunity to streamline operations, keeping costs in check.

The iScore sports management solution is answering that call for many of the top sports teams and entertainment venues in the world. At the core of iScore sports management software is a very strong general ledger and equally capable sub-ledgers. The software simplifies, and improves the efficiency and reliability of your competition management and scoring.

Solution Overview

What makes iScore so special, is that it works for most sports on your PC and over the Internet. Imagine being able to do away with re-entering all that information from paper sheets. And not having to fax, personally drop off or phone through results!

With iScore, you can do the following:

  • iScore will allow you to run your competition, scheduling and scoring easily and efficiently.
  • iScore works with iMIS® Association Software to determine the players within a club and the Team.
  • Teams operating in different grades can have different scoring values and voting systems.
  • Also termed championship or carnival, a season allows Teams, clubs, scores votes etc to be recorded and reported upon. iScore allows each season to have their own grades, scoring system, voting system and teams.
  • iScore will let you add unlimited statistical information about the team or players for review at a later stage.
  • Your own scoring competition can be loaded or you can use the standard scoring systems for your sport. Add your own scores or records for a team/player/time period.

Why iScore Sports Management Solutions?

iScore will let any team regardless of the level within a sport and access to a browser load the scores as they occur, allowing interested members of the public to 'watch' the described plays as they occur. Even better, when the game is complete, the scores you loaded will be used to update the ladder and results tables.

CRM sport software


Automatically produce your fixtures using the Team Information, grade & seasons. Finals processing is automatic, saving large amounts of manual processing.

Sport club CRM software

Multi-sports Center/Indoor Sports

Not only can all your fixtures be automatically produced, but all the competition details can be maintained and entered for different sports operating at the same time; One Product Management.

School Sport CRM Software

Internet Functionality & Advertising Possibility

iScore dynamically displays information on fixtures, tables, statistics and live scoring. Also, you can load sponsors or important message on main display as banners.

School Sport CRM Software

Mobile Sport Information & Data Entry

The ability to receive updates using SMS messaging & database updates input directly from phones, quick & efficient data process for your game results & statistics


Web Subscription per Organisation

$3,850 / Web Full User License
Price is for single purchase / per user license, incl. VAT.


Web Subscription Extra Admin User

$2,500 / Extra Admin User
Price is for single purchase / per extra admin user, incl. VAT


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