mBO WebServices

Most Comprehensive Website Services & Development 

Metisc mBO WebServices (mBOs) are a suite of web services designed to provide a generic framework for accessing and updating data in a variety of customer management, ERP and accounting systems.Metisc MBO WebServices connect to the following software systems:

Using Metisc mBO WebServices developers can create an application that will interact with multiple systems. In addition, should you later change the CRM or accounting system to a different system supported by the mBOs, simply plug in the appropriate Metisc mBO WebServices connector and your applications will continue to work unchanged!

Web Solutions

Metisc mBO WebServices are at the heart of the Metisc products that work across CRM systems. Our unique technology allows you to confidently develop systems that interact with your CRM, knowing that vendor locking is a thing of the past!

According to Gartner in their 'Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce (published September 2014), by 2018, 70% of e-Commerce will move from Business-to-Consumer (B2C) and B2B models to model that focus on the individual customer experience.

Also, by 2018, organisations that have fully invested in all types of online personalisation will outsell companies that have not by more than 30%.

Metisc mBO WebServices are available on an al-a-cart basis with licensing fees based on the number of users your CRM or Accounting system is licensed for. The following Metisc mBO WebServices are now shipping:

mBO Authentication

This module checks and validates data on the source system as you login to a website. If all the information passed through is correct and valid, you will be able to login.

For more information about mBO Authentication Module, give us a call to +61 (8) 9355 5880 or get your free quotation today by clicking on button below.

mBO Contact

When your users are logged in or register on your website, the Contact WebService allows your website to easily read, edit or create new information against the person's profile in your CRM, Accounting or Membership system through fully customisable forms with no developer involvement.
Information is saved and retrieved from the source system allowing users unprecedented control over the information you record about them.

Couple this with the Open Source Social Networking Software which is mBO WebService aware, and you have an interactive social networking tool which can also be used to collect valuable information against important customers, members or prospects. And if you do your own website development, the Contact WebService allows your programmers to easily work with the information in the source system.

For more information about mBO Contact Module, give us a call to +61 (8) 9355 5880 or get your free quotation today by clicking on button below.

mBO Subscription

This module gives you the ability to purchase and/or renew your membership subscriptions/dues/installment billing.
Work with your source systems to record information about the membership or subscriptions, recording payment and renewal dates. When the membership is current, the mBO WebServices help control the content that's of interest to the members coming to your site based on their membership or demographic data.

For more information about mBO Subscriptions Module, give us a call to +61 (8) 9355 5880 or get your free quotation today by clicking on button below.

mBO Events

Register and pay for an event, seminar, function or course. Any special information you have in your source system, such as different prices for different types of members will be available on the website.
And if online learning is needed, use Open Source tools like Moodle to provide integrated sign-on and interaction.

For more information about mBO Events Module, give us a call to +61 (8) 9355 5880 or get your free quotation today by clicking on button below.


mBO Sales

Set up an online shop on your Joomla website that reads all the product and pricing information straight out of your source system. People will be able to select the products they want and pay for them in a few easy steps. Couple this with the ability to easily create 'Content Groups' for people who have purchased a product, and you have contextual management on your website allowing sophisticated targeting of customers with content relevant to their interest and purchase history.

For more information about mBO Sales Module, give us a call to +61 (8) 9355 5880 or get your free quotation today by clicking on button below.


Open Source & CMS Integration


Our Metisc mBO WebServices have been integrated with the following Open Source and commercial Content Management Systems:

  • Joomla V1.5/2.5/3.X
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • Plone
  • Commercial CMS

Joomla Modules 

​ As our clients integrate new Open Source modules, the functionality available through Content Management Systems is increasing all the time.

Joomla for example, has modules that work through the mBOs to provide:

  • Online Event registrations and payments (Registration Pro)
  • Online member renewals (Metisc Member)
  • Social Networking (JomSocial)
  • Professional Learning
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Flexible forms for data collection (Chrono Forms/RSForms/Jomsocial/Metisc Membership)
  • Online shopping (VirtueMart/Magento)
  • Integrated social networking and organizational "facebook" like capabilities (JomSocial)
  • Wikis (MediaWiki)
  • Forums (phpBB3)
  • Blogs (Wordpress)
  • Granular user-level/group security (JUGA/Joomla ACL)
  • Document Management (DocMan)
  • and more...

Typical implementation times vary by customer. Most customers will require some implementation assistance to deploy, configure and complete any required customizations. For further information, contact Metisc and a team member will provide you with assistance