​ MiMail for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online

Powerful CRM Email Marketing integration tool that connects with all popular email service providers on the web

MiMail allows you to work easily with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online  data records when selecting and communicating with your contacts. 

Appropriate for emails, fax and post; MiMail will allow you to control your communications dynamically using your customer records.

CRM email integration

Integrate to popular email providers

With MiMail for CRM, you are able to make your marketing campaigns more effective and easy to run. With MiMail you can connect Microsoft Dynamics CRM with CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, MagnetMail and XPedite.

subscriber sync email crm

Sync your subscribers seamlessly

MiMail allow easy synchronisation of Marketing Lists in Dynamics CRM against your preferred email service providers. Easy control, easy retrieval and easy searching in your CRM system.  

subscriber sync email crm

Set and Forget Scheduling

Your email marketing can always be up to date with the customer information in you own systems, and using the activity or results capabilities of some of the communications vendors. You can always be up to date in your own customer system with how people are using your information. 

email campaign tracking CRM

Email Campaign Tracking

MiMail provides you with campaign real - time tracking right in the application. Stay on top of your marketing campaign and get updated with subscribers trend of email campaign based on data recollection in MiMail Data Tracking Analysis. 

ID Leads CRM

Duplication Filter

By syncing your marketing list using MiMail, it ensures your subscriber list is duplication - free. MiMail generates automatically an ID code to every imported contacts. This sophisticated feature of MiMail will enhance your marketing automation to the next level, making sure that you only focus in selling instead of hassling around technical issue. 


Email Integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM


$890 / CRM*
Price is for single purchase, incl. VAT & installed in your company server. All enabled CRM users are counted, including read-only & admin users.

CRM Requirements

CRM 2011 / 2013 / 2015 online, or CRM 2011 / 2013 / 2015 on - premise with internet facing (ADFS)