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MYOB EXO Enterprise Solution


MYOB Enterprise Solution

We provide a complete MYOB EXO installation and full configuration assistance. Our MYOB experienced consultant is ready to assist you throughout the process, from planning to execution. Contact us now if you would like to install MYOB EXO Accounting Software in your company.   

Cloud Innovation for Businesses at all size


The Cloud fundamentally changes how businesses use computing tools. Business is no longer bound by time or geography. You can take your vital information everywhere you go and still have access to it anywhere and anytime from almost any device.


MYOB EXO Integration Solution


Next to the MYOB EXO Accounting Software, we provide a powerful integration tool that synchronise data between MYOB EXO and Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft CRM Online. As an Accountant, the importance of keeping up - to - date with the tools your customers are using can not be understated.

Therefore, we are introducing MiSync for MYOB EXO. 
MiSync for MYOB EXO allow you to take control of the complexities of managing and supporting your business at all aspects of operation. The inherent design and SQL architecture of MYOB EXO make an ideal integration solution package with other systems such Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft CRM Online. 

MiSync for MYOB EXO synchronises various important fields in Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft CRM Online that includes : 

  • Products
  • Price Lists
  • Quotes
  • Invoices and Payments
  • Customer Cards and Accounts/Contacts
  • MYOB Lookup Lists and Custom Lists to CRM
  • Orders
  • Jobs/Projects
  • Warehouse Information for MYOB & MYOB Enterprise
  • Time Billing information (Activity Slips and Service Activities)
  • And other related information needed to keep the systems "in sync".


MYOB Integrator Tools

No one knows as much about MYOB as Metisc. We have designed and developed unique custom MYOB applications and integration over the past 21 years, helping clients unlocking the full potential of their MYOB system.

Metisc MYOB Adds On Tool

MiSync for MYOB

Powerful integration tool for MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM / Microsoft CRM Online

mBO WebServices

Suite of web services designed to provide a generic framework for accessing and updating data in variety of ERP/CRM system, accounting systems, open sources & CMS integration