iMail for Magnet Mail (Per iMIS Full User License)

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iMail for Magnet Mail (Per iMIS Full User License)

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iMail allows you to work easily with your Microsoft Dynamics CRM, MYOB and iMIS® data records when selecting and communicating with your contacts. Appropriate for emails, fax and post, iMail will allow you to control your communications dynamically using your customer records. 

Schedule the sync once and enjoy the benefits every single day. Focus on your core business. Connect 2 most important systems of your business, your POS and your Magnet Mail system.



iMail is a desktop module allowing the user to email, fax, SMS or send voice messages (depends on your selected Service Provider and your Customer Software) or produce mailing lists. Activities or historical records can be generated in your software from iMail, allowing for Campaign and analysis codes recorded to enable easy control, retrieval and searching in your favourite CRM or customer management system.

With "Set and Forget" scheduling, your email marketing or communications provider can always be up to date with the customer information in your own systems, and using the activity or results capabilities of some of the communications vendors, you can always be up to date in your own customer system with how people are using your information.