MYOB and The Cloud

What is "The Cloud" ?

The Cloud is a phrase we hear all the time nowadays. But what is it?

"The Coudor "Cloud Computing" is what used to be called distributed computing, Application Service Provision (ASP) or Hosted Services. 

These days the term is coined by software developers in their marketing mainly, and it refers to the provision of computing services through the internet or private communications network where the servers, server software, infrastructure and even the PC / Workstations are probably not sitting in your office. In this case, it's unlikely you will ever see the underlying computer hardware, communications gear or the people that look after the computing in the cloud. 

More and more these days, a person or business will pay a regular subscription fee and simply use the software or server based services from companies like MYOB, Microsoft, SalesForce, Amazon and Google; much like a mobile phone contract.

Innovation for Businesses at all - size

The cloud fundamentally changes how businesses use computing tools. Business is no longer bound by time or geography. You can take your vital information everywhere you go and still have access to it anywhere and anytime from almost any device. 

We have listed some of the potential benefits businesses can gain from using the MYOB in the Cloud:

Make sales from anywhere
Because accounting software like AccountRight Live works online, user can now type in sales on their laptop or tablet devices as the sale is made, and when they are connected to the internet, their team at the office will see the accounts updated. 

Automatic bank transactions - save time
MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight automatically links to over 100 banks and building society networks across Australia and New Zealand. MYOB will automatically record your bank transactions, and allocate them to the right account, reducing data entry significantly giving you time to do other more important tasks.  

Improve how you work with your Accountant
Give your Bookkeeper or Accountant convenient live online access to your MYOB data and they can even work at the same time you do. Because your Accountant can be online with MYOB, it means they always have the opportunity to haev 365 degrees view of your books.

And you still have the flexibility of having your data available offline, as well as the benefits of cloud accounting. Eliminate administration time by having bank feeds delivered into your AccountRight Live company file making your accounting job much easier using the Cloud for MYOB.

There are many more possibilities with Cloud for MYOB, if you would like to know more about the Cloud for MYOB and how it will benefit your company or your clients companies, don't hesitate to schedule a free consultation with us and see how we can work together for the benefit for you and your clients.