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Thousands of Members Database Needed a Quick Move Between Systems, But Not Manually

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EMA is New Zealand's pre-eminent business association and for over 100 years it has partnered with New Zealand businesses to help them grow, be confident, and seek out new networks and new markets.
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Business Situation


EMA northern use the iMIS® Association software to manage their members, Subscription, events and sales. EMA needed an experienced integrator to assist with making their website and membership system integrate reliably.

They were having issues connecting to their iMIS® Membership System managing. With over 10,000 people attending Training and Events, and over 9,500 people attending our seminars annually, we needed a better solution for integrating our systems with our iMIS System.

These huge database were in a edge of what we called, database lockdown, where they can’t do anything about it and it’s non actionable. Or, they can choose to move the database to other system, but it will be a painful manual labor process. They don’t have the resource and time luxury to go through that process. They needed a quick fix. A quick solution that works well for company in the longer term and eventually, fits their budget profile.

Metisc Solution

The solution was to replace some older Web Services with Metisc’s mBO WebServices allowing rapid deployment of new functionality, and opening up a number of alternative Content Management Systems which already worked with the Metisc mBO WebServices.

  • iMIS® runs on Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft IIS.
  • The Metisc mBO WebServices provided capabilities for integration including Single Sign-On, Contacts, Events, Sales and Subscriptions.
  • Developed using Microsoft’s .Net 4.0 and delivering integration capabilities such as JSON, REST and SOAP, the “mBO’s” ran on our existing infrastructure and worked with both ODBC and SOA connectivity made available by iMIS®.

The .NET based Metisc mBO WebServices met EMA’s requirements and operated on their existing Microsoft based infrastructure.

Dynamics 365 Benefits

  • Works with Microsoft... Works with iMIS®
  • The existing infrastructure supported the Metisc mBO Webservices
  • Great support, Metisc, a Microsoft Partner, assisted with the delivery, training and ongoing support for our developers, including developing some custom code when necessary.
  • Flexibility The mBO’s are an Australian Information Industry Association iAward winning product for connecting CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal; to CRM and Accounting systems like iMIS®, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and MYOB/MYOB EXO providing flexibility and choice in web platform.

Metisc responded quickly when we needed a fast and simple way of connecting our custom .NET website with our important iMIS® Membership system

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