Wednesday, 03 March 2021 01:37

This month update includes an upgrade of Wiise to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central v17.3 platform. There are also other new enhancements and some helpful bug fixes too. Here's what's new. 


More Fields Added to Wiise Reports


We've added new fields to the Wiise Purchase Order and Sales report. Here's some of the additional fields you can add to your customised Word layouts: 

Purchase Order Reports

Buy - from Vendor Phone No. 

Buy - from Vendor Email 

Purchase Line - Expected Receipt Date

Purchase Line - Description 2

Buy - from Vendor Fax No. 

Company Fax No.


Sales Reports

Bill - to Customer Phone No. 

Bill - to Customer E-Mail

Sell - to Customer Fax No. 

Bill - to Customer Fax No. 


New import options available for Balance Account Type


User can now select from different options when they're using the import function for journals. Simply select from G / L Account, Vendor, Customer or Bank Account when user import from Bal. Account Type. 


Map every deduction on payroll to a separate G / L Account

User is able to retrieve all deduction categories from Wiise Payroll into the G / L Account mapping so that they can map each category with a G / L account. User can now select the way they want to see their deductions grouped by 'G / L Account' or 'Deduction Category'. 

Payroll - Deduction Categories for simple G / L Account mapping

Payroll deduction categories is now modified in the simple G / L Account mapping (not the advanced mapping). The system will now display each deduction category in the G / L Account mapping section. This way user can map every deduction category to a separate G / L Account. Previously, user could only have two categories (Post - tax Deductions and Pre - tax Deductions). To enable this, you'll need to go to G / L Account Mapping section and click Get Accounts in the menu. This will insert all the deduction categories from your payroll. You'll be able to map each category to the relevant G / L Account. 

In the Payroll Setup under the Advanced FastTab, They've also added a new field Deduction Grouping with two options (G/L Account, Deduction Category). The default option will be G / L Account.  If the option is changed to Deduction Category then it will group the imported payroll transactions for deductions by Deduction Category. This new field Deduction Grouping will be enabled and used only if Advanced G/L Account Mapping field is not ticked. 

Bank Feeds Indicator

They've added a new field Balance Last Statement into each Bank Account tile in the My Banking section in the role center. 


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