MiMember Membership Management

MiMEMBER at glance

Suite solution to manage membership and subscription based organisation with self - service portal

This uniquely tailored solution addresses all the specific business needs, robust marketing needs, requirement of membership and subscription based organisations.

  • Attract New Member
  • Boost the registration rates of new members by targeting the right people at the right time with a robust membership database solution. Segment customers based on loyalty, interests and location for more effective marketing lists, and create directed campaigns for higher quality lead generation and pipeline management.

  • Engage Current Member
  • Understand customer preferences for more meaningful and lasting relationship management. With a membership management tool such as self-service membership portals, and social media integration and analytics, you can learn from, and respond to, members’ opinions and needs.

  • Increased Membership Renewal
  • Utilise timely communication and automatic renewals when membership expiry is near, to retain members. Gain a 360 degree view of customers and a full history of activities, purchased products and attended events for tailored upsell opportunities.

Delivering a Successful
Member Onboarding Process

Think Outside The Box

Industry Tailored Membership Solution

MiMember for Association

The challenges facing today's membership associations. How can Membership associations grow in high demanded market?

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