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4 Real life example of using Power Automate

Many of the organisations we have worked in have migrating to Microsoft 365 typically utilise email and the well-loved Microsoft Office apps first, but they don’t realise how powerful it can be if they are able to utilise Power Automate.


Power Automate is a solution included in Office 365 Enterprise subscription that allow user to quickly build no-code or low-code custom apps. It bridges the needs of business users for fast deployment of applications without the need for complex IT scoping and lengthy completion timeframes.

Why use Power Automate

In this blog, we will mention some of the real-world examples and use cases of how we have helped our clients solve their problem with workflows and business automation.



One of our client is facing a mundane tasks that that have a hard time to focus on what matters, selling. They are one of business association client focusing in managing partners across industry and you could only imagine how many emails are flying around while everyone is trying to squeeze their agenda into everyone calendar. Making it really hard to oversee employee schedule at sight.


We have sum up challenges into several points, those are:


  • Constant meeting people at events and following up email. User want to ensure that sales team are not missing out any of these leads, also, re-typing information from emails to CRM system is tedious
  • Multiple agencies are creating content and sharing large files to OneDrive or Dropbox accounts. Often, the files complete being uploaded without any prior notice. So, the team wants to know when latest file will arrive, without having to check every 30 minutes.
  • Not all emails are worth reading and / or paid with great attention at all time. Hundreds of emails are coming in every day. It’s hard to keep up. Another challenge is that our user would like to get an SMS when specific people like their boss or a key customer prospect reaches out directly to them.



Below just a few examples of how we use Power Automate in our projects:


Get notifications


Example: Receive a WhatsApp message when a customer reaches their credit limit


Copy file


Example: Automatically move files from Dropbox to SharePoint / OneDrive and vice versa.


Example: Send and receive EDI files


Collect data and Integrations


Example: Integrate Dynamics NAV / Business Central with SharePoint without the need of an Add-On by a third-party ISV


Automate approvals


Example: Approve purchase invoices


Example: Approve and check new customer before shipping of goods




A not-for-profit organisation had no HR system to manage and track the number of hours worked or rendered by staff. The paper-based timesheets were hard to manage and prone to errors, especially in times when staff members render additional working hours to the timesheet.


Also, Employment contracts must be read and signed by new employees during the onboarding process. In a paper-based office, this process requires someone to make sure the contract is accurately prepared, printed, signed by the employee, received by HR and properly filed. Although the employee contract is an essential part of onboarding a new employee, spending hours of valuable time to complete this process on paper is not.



Metisc automated this crucial step for the HR team by providing a simple timesheeting application developed on Power Apps and Power Automate.


The Outcome is timesheets are now accurately reflected, and overtime is properly accounted for with the new timesheeting application. This app was launched in only a matter of days, allowing the company to automate quickly an otherwise highly manual and repetitive routine.


Another simple flow that is achieved for repetitive task such as onboarding process, is to automate the onboarding task. Following is the example order that can be achieved using Power Automate:


  • - Generate a random password for an Azure Active Directory (AAD) user account.
  • - Create an AAD user based on a first/last name of the employee
  • - Add the AAD user to a specific group based on the Excel document row.
  • - Look up the manager for the department.
  • - Assign a manager to the AAD user.
  • - Send out an email to the department manager asking for access approval to a fictional system.
  • - Wait for approval.
  • - Grant access to the fictional system.
  • - Notify the new employee’s team in Microsoft Teams they have a new team member.





Create a task in Microsoft To Do and Microsoft Power Automate automatically adds it as an event on Google Calendar. Another automation takes this calendar event and creates a page for it on OneNote.


These are simple examples. Microsoft Power Automate gives you an entire library of templates to choose from. Alternatively, simply create your own template from scratch by dragging and dropping.



Microsoft Power Automate offers a single automation platform within Microsoft’s Business Application Platform that also includes Power BI and Power Apps. Other productivity benefits include:


  • - Setting up automation, with little or no knowledge of development technologies.
  • - Adopting automated workflows from pre-built templates.
  • - Triggering sophisticated attended and unattended workflows for unique business scenarios.
  • - Integrations with native ecosystems such as Office 365, Slack, and Dropbox but also legacy applications without APIs or connectors.
  • - Scaling effortlessly as business processes expand, because everything is in the cloud.
Microsoft To Do and Power Automate sync



Another case from HR Department. The days of printing out a Vacation Request form, filling it out, and leaving it on your manager’s desk for are still a thing in some companies. The most delay is in form approval process. Often, HR Manager is not at their place to approve this form as he / she is in constant meeting or getting hold up with other urgent activities.


To make things simple, this organization need a sort of automatic approver or workstation / mobile device to assess the form for approval.


An improvement on this issue, will lead to another key improvement for the company once it’s proven to be effective. A weakness of too many HR professionals is that they are narrowly siloed, with someone looking at talent, someone else at performance, and someone else at rewards. In many organisations, no one has all the necessary skills to deal with changes that artificial intelligence is forcing upon the HR-related aspects of organisations.



We modify the approval holiday request list and form and set a trigger in Power Automate

Power Automate example 1

Then, a simple email response by clicking either the Approve or Reject button shown in the body of the email, optionally, they add a reason and then click the Submit button. As follow.

Power Automate 2

Then, the approval will split into either approve or reject. Whatever the result is, it will sent notification to the requester.


So, what did you think? Does this interest you? Do you see possible scenarios on how to integrate these demos in your organisations?


The real-world use cases in this blog are just a few examples of what we have done for our clients, but the true potential of Power Apps and Power Platform is only limited by your use case and imagination!


If you have any other brilliant idea or questions, let’s connect and continue the conversation by following our social media and follow hashtag #Metisc or simply contact us