Thursday, 24 February 2022 14:43

5 Trends for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services in 2022

CRM Solutions have quickly evolved over the past few years, creating new technologies and opportunities as they appear. Known for its flexibility and scalability, ERPs can now do a lot more than just helping your organisation managed day – to – day operations, but it can also predicts different scenarios and providing you with the best solution to all you operational issues.

In this blog we are compiling together the top 5 trends that you need to watch out from Dynamics 365 Field Services in 2022:

Trend #1: Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

Microsoft Dynamics 365 have a built – in AI feature since the last rollout. The latest capabilities is even more advance as it has more predictive power of AI to analyse data for better forecasting, operation scoring, scenarios probability and even more power to handle different organisation setting. We’re starting to see the full potential of these features.

Predictive maintenance uses AI, machine learning, and analytics to predict device failures before they happen. Predictive maintenance relies on predictive analytics, which uses historical data to match current behavior and make an assessment.

Trend #2: Contact – free or Remote Service

As we are now living in interesting time, people is now adapting to new lifestyle. This also includes technology that we are using. According to one stud, field service organisations will continue to explore contact – free or remote service as whopping 75 percent of consumers is getting used to the idea of having field technicians working on their issue remotely. It is becoming a main preference for users in general. What is new is that IoT, AI, and mixed reality have helped advance contact – free service, not to mention the added benefits of lowering service operations costs, travel time, and vehicle related expenses with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services.

Trend #3: More Automation with Workflows

This feature is getting more robust, allowing you to automate various complex tasks and processes. With improved connection with Power Automate lets you automate processes across various applications to eliminate repetitive tasks and time wasted switching between various apps.

For example, the closest most experienced technician can be automatically booked and dispatched without causing excessive disruption to existing schedules. Optimising scheduling is now an imperative part of enhancing customer services while pressing down operation cost significantly.

Improve proactive service:

  • Trigger alerts with IoT sensors
  • Dispatch the right technician
  • Optimise service schedules

This is where field service management software becomes a life ring to administrative workers. Jobs can be automatically scheduled and assigned to technicians based on AI and workflow being configured. That is the trend no 3 from 5 Trends for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Services in 2022

Trend #4: Higher Mobility

With remote work now ubiquitous, it’s more important than ever for users to access their data and tools without being tied down to a specific device. It’s an essential feature rather than being an option. With an increase number of mobility access to all workforce, especially field service – specific, technicians or support worker can schedule while on – the – go and receive turn – by – turn directions to the client’s site, avoiding traffic congestion and other delays while still being productive even in their downtime.

With better integration with Microsoft Teams, field worker can reach out to more experienced staff for assistance, thereby increasing first – time fix rates.

Increase employee productivity:

  • Equip workers with the right tools
  • Provide real – time recommendations
  • Track and streamline tasks
  • Boost first – time fix rates

Trend #5: Mixed Reality in Dynamics 365 Field Services

Last trend is the growing use of mixed reality within field service. Microsoft takes pride in their mixed reality technology since its first introduced to the market and being integrated with their software and applications.

With the use of Hololens 2 headset, it provides hands – free capabilities, letting technicians or users access customer details, device information, and repair history using voice commands and hand gestures to navigate data presented in holographic form.

Watch the example of one of the Microsoft biggest client, Burckhardt Compression manufactures and services massive gas compressors on their user experience using Mixed Reality as core part of their field service operations.

This complete field service management solutions helps your organisation work smarter using built – in intelligence, remote monitoring, and mixed reality.

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