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Best practices for email marketing with Dynamics 365

Sending marketing email is not the same as sending personal email as most people know it. They might seem similar, but there is an important difference: personal emails get delivered to just one or a few people, whereas marketing emails get delivered to many thousands or more every month.



Manage your marketing within Microsoft Dynamics


From live dashboards to identifying new and customer upsell opportunities with lead scoring and easily segmenting all your data for dynamic marketing campaigns, Microsoft covers it all. Assess the performance of your campaigns and social media activity in real-time and set rules for any of your new email workflows in Dynamics 365 for Marketing.



Target someone, not everyone

With Dynamics 365 for marketing, marketers can use data insight to execute personalised campaigns that engage prospects with the right message at the right time. Your marketing team probably has plenty of ideas on how to capture customer attention. But how do they know which campaigns will deliver the best ROI? And whether the results will feed smoothly into the sales pipeline, where resources are ready to capitalise on them?

Best practice in Email Marketing Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing

When a message goes out over the internet, the IP address that sent it is available to each server that processes that message. Third-party watchdog organizations, such as monitor activity, message content, and complaints associated with sending addresses and generate a reputation score for each sending IP address and/or domain name. The lower your reputation score, the more likely your messages are to get dropped or filtered out; if your score gets low enough, you'll end up on a block list and none of your messages will get delivered.
So what can you do to maximize your deliverability and remain within the law:

Create clean, collaborative, and responsible content
Part of writing effective email copy is nailing the subject line. The subject line is like the gatekeeper of your email: No one gets to read your stellar email copy if they aren't interested enough to open your email in the first place
Email Marketing Best Practice incorporating a verb (like "take," "download," "reserve," "ask," "buy," etc.), the reader knows exactly what they can do in the email. Use actionable language.

Avoid sending to invalid and inactive email addresses


Addresses associated with a hard bounce will probably never come back online, so you don't want them in your database; Dynamics 365 will automatically stop sending to hard-bouncing addresses for six months before trying them again. Microsoft needs to defend the reputation of our sending IPs. So, user need to ensure their marketing list is nice and valid to communicate with before sending another email campaign.

Maintain a regular and consistent send volume


You must spread out your email sends to ensure that you send roughly the same volume every week or so. Don't try to send all your messages at once at the start of each month, for example. Dynamics 365 provides an advanced digital-content designer for creating, styling, and previewing the various types of digital content that you can produce and manage with the system.


You should set up sender authentication for your domain


As mentioned previously, Microsoft sets up authentication for all of the sender IPs that we use in a standard solution, but when you use your own sender IP, you must do this yourself by setting up Sender Policy Framework (SPF), DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM), and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance(DMARC) for your domain.




Dedicated sender IPs are not part of the standard Dynamics 365 subscription agreement, and Microsoft does not generally recommend them because they introduce extra complexity and expense—and can result reduced deliverability compared to our standard sender IP pools. Microsoft considers applications for dedicated sender IPs on a case-by-case basis. If you think your organization could benefit from a dedicated sender IP, please contact your Microsoft Support representative to find out if you qualify


If you like to learn how to create a marketing email and go – live, read the article and complete tutorial here.
Dynamics 365 provides marketing automation, email marketing, web intelligence and campaign analytics to help your team with planning. You can increase your activity while evolving it to improve results. Automated social discovery lets you know who’s interested in your products, so you can quickly engage them.
Spot the opportunities with the most potential with advanced lead management and lead scoring. Nurture your leads and prospects with multi-stage, trigger-based, personalised content and offers that guide customers through the sales funnel, no matter where they are in the buying cycle.
Social Media PresenceDynamics 365 gives you embedded social media tools, so you can keep right up to date with customer and prospect needs. Measure your social media campaign performance and track your share of voice across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and more. With social tracking, you can evaluate and influence your brand presence.

Keep track of your entire prospect to customer journey

For those with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing, our software has been developed to become as detailed as possible. From defining killer values to creating complex criteria and triggering workflows with the click of a button. It can now all be integrated into your Microsoft Dynamics account as quickly and easily as possible. This integration is built for businesses who want to see and report on the full sales progress within your CRM. Contact us today to learn more about Dynamics 365 integration with Exchange and / or general questions around Dynamics 365 for Marketing, we will be very happy to help.