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Email Return Receipt Using Wiise

Whether you are new to the corporate world or a seasoned veteran, a few simple email strategies can help ensure your message gets across quickly and clearly, all the while nurturing relationships with your colleagues and clients.



Return Receipt

Return Receipts, RR for short, are a way of knowing that an email has been received or opened on the recipient’s computer. RR’s need the recipient to acknowledged the RR or Read Request for the Sender to know for sure.

I'm sending the documents shortly with a Return Receipt. Can you acknowledge the receipt request so I know you received your copy? Thank you!

Return Request in Wiise

Earlier, we notice from our staff member when an important PDF file for invoicing matter email being sent to external parties, there are no further notification whether the other party has received it well or not. Alternatively, we can basically log into Outlook for the account sending and check the sent emails but it’s seems too laborious for dozens emails like this.


Initially, we thought it’s a confidential thing with new system trusting to do the emails reliably. Our first thought perhaps we can add a flag to the email or the email attached on the Sales Invoice for example, will allow our counterparts to confirm if the email is emailed successfully.

  1. Use Interaction Logs Within Wiise Accounting

There are two alternatives which is first, the above-mentioned method to check the account sending using Outlook. But this is seems very manual and not so effective.


The other alternative, which is the best one, is to use interaction logs within your email communication. (Please note there is no setup required for this, it is occurring within the Wiise  accounting environment).
Return Receipt Wiise 1

2. Back End Page Builder

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Return Receipt Wiise
This will show each document sent from Wiise accounting from within the sent box as captured below:


The example on image below is an email being sent from Wiise being viewed within Outlook using the Office 365 admin account assigned above.
Return Receipt Wiise 3
The desired result of the following steps is that we are able to identify in log entries without hassling the counterparts about the email being received safely. Give it a try, and you will notice how it will play an important part in email communication especially when it comes down to confidential document type.

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