Friday, 25 August 2023 08:38

Introducing Microsoft Sales CoPilot with GPT Seller Experience

Revolutionising Sales Efficiency

In the realm of collaboration and sales, the maxim "time is money" holds truer than ever. Every moment squandered on menial tasks equates to missed opportunities for sales and prospect engagement. At Microsoft, we are committed to leveraging AI in order to guide sales teams towards investing their time where it truly counts: fostering meaningful connections, nurturing trust, and cultivating enduring relationships.

Hence, it brings me immense pleasure to unveil the preview of an innovative generative AI-powered feature within Microsoft Sales Copilot (formerly known as Viva Sales). This groundbreaking feature is designed to assist sales personnel in communicating more efficiently and effectively with both potential clients and established customers.

Within the updated Microsoft Sales Copilot, the system will proactively formulate suggestions for email content across an array of scenarios. Whether it's addressing an inquiry or formulating a proposal, these suggestions will encompass tailored data pertinent to the recipient. This could encompass anything from pricing details and ongoing promotions to impending deadlines. By facilitating the generation of customisable content, this new capability will significantly curtail the time that salespeople typically expend on drafting emails or hunting down pertinent sales information from colleagues and databases.

Microsoft Sales Copilot

M icrosoft Viva Sales

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The significance of this innovation is underscored by recent research commissioned by Microsoft, which illuminates that a staggering 66 percent of a seller's day is consumed by email management.1 Through this AI-powered enhancement, we aim to help sales professionals reclaim this precious time, empowering them to redirect their focus toward endeavors of paramount importance.

In summary, the transformation of Viva Sales into Microsoft Sales Copilot marks a pivotal juncture in streamlining sales operations. This evolution not only underscores our dedication to enhancing productivity but also our commitment to revolutionising how sales teams cultivate success.

Example of Auto Generated Responses from Outlook

In instances where an email needs a swift and appropriate response, Viva Sales steps in with real-time suggestions tailored to various categories such as "formulate a proposal," "address an inquiry," or even the option to provide a personalised response. The salesperson can readily choose the most suitable option, which then generates a response for their consideration. This response is curated using a fusion of information sourced from the Microsoft Graph—offering access to person-centric insights spanning Microsoft 365, Windows, Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security—and the customer relationship management (CRM) system (Microsoft Dynamics 365). The culmination of these data sources enables sales professionals to enhance their communication endeavors and provide an elevated customer experience, all seamlessly integrated into their work processes.

Share Customer Data Across Applications

Seamlessly pull in relevant Viva Sales customer information from Outlook into Teams  

Contact Sharing in Microsoft Teams

Easily share a customer card to ensure your team has the latest details and drive sales forward

Teamwork in Microsoft Teams

Gain context from shared knowledge by sharing knowledge with teammates and easily update CRM customer information within Teams