Friday, 06 May 2022 12:16

Partner May 2022 Update

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Update:

Consolidate Customer and Vendor Balances

A company that you do business with might be both a customer and a vendor. When that's the case, you can avoid making unnecessary payments or receipts and save on transaction fees by consolidating the customer and vendor balances.  

Feature Details

  • Create Customer / Vendor as contact company converter
  • Balance as Vendor field availability in Customer page
  • Balance as Customer field availability in Vendor page
  • Customer Card page

BC Update May 2022

Change Default Company Bank Account on Sales and Service Documents

Companies today use multiple bank accounts at different banks, which reduces the costs of handling financial transactions, limits currency risks, and so on. 

Feature Details

  • Use as Default for Currency on the Bank Account page
  • Company Bank Account Code availability
  • Auto assigned currency specified in company bank account code field
  • And many more

BC Update May 2022

Blocking Deletion of G / L Accounts

Companies Maintenance of the chart of accounts takes place only a few times, once it's been set up for an organisation, but it does occur. To help avoid accidental deletion of general ledger (G/L) accounts, this release wave adds an extra check for you. 

Feature Details

  • New feature of period selection to minimise mistake of account deletion 
  • Possibility of account deletion with entry 
  • Block Deletion of G / L Accounts toggle availability directly in General Ledger Setup page

BC Update May 2022

Wiise Major Rebranding in 2022

Starting this month, Wiise is launching a new, redesigned Wiise brand. This is exciting not only their new brand reflects their phenomenal growth, but because it is a product of collaboration with all the customers and ecosystem partners.

Why They Are Rebranding? 

Many things changed since 2018 when originally launched their brand. 

For their customers, the pandemic has accelerated their digital transformations as they've managed furloughs, lockdowns and supply chain issues, among many other challenges. Metisc as one of partners that have been supporting this transformation by helping managing small and mid - sized Australian businesses. 

By the importance of listening to partner and customers feedback, they are trying to redesign their image and brands that represent their value moving towards digital transformation. 

Check out their new logo branding

Wiise Payroll Updates

Starting Automatically approve timesheets that match the roster

  • Automatically approve timesheets by enabling the function within the timesheet settings.
  • Only timesheets that fully match the rostered shift will be automatically approved.
  • his applies to timesheets submitted by full access users, restricted users, timesheets submitted via WorkZone, employee portals, API as well as imported timesheets.

Assign financial year to lump sum e-payments

STP Phase 2 functionality has been switched on in Wiise Payroll from 1 March. New functionality within pay runs will allow users to record the financial years against payments classified as 'Lump Sum E'.

Visa country selection for WHM employees

Updating the Visa country for employees recognised as working holiday makers (WHM) is now mandatory when adding a new employee or updating an existing employee in Wiise Payroll.

Reported bugs resolved

BPAY details not populating in purchase invoices

We've fixed a bug that was preventing vendors' BPAY details from populating on purchase invoices created directly from the vendor card.

Error when running Import Journal Lines function

We've fixed a bug that was preventing users from running the Import Journal Lines function (from a .csv file), when one of the account types was not a G/L Account.

Wiise shipping label issue

We've fixed a bug that was causing formatting errors when the Wiise shipping label was printed.

Issue with adding sales lines using item cross reference

We've fixed a bug that was bringing up an error message when item cross reference numbers were used to validate the quantity on a sales order.

New warning when importing blank hours from payroll

If the pay rate is set to 'per annum' or 'per day' and the 'hour week' or 'day week' is left blank or set to zero in the Default Pay Run Settings page in Wiise Payroll, a new error message will now prevent you from importing that pay run.

Payroll rounding error warning with blank G/L account

If the Rounding G/L Account field is left blank on the Payroll setup page, a new error message will now indicate that a rounding line is required for the journal to import a pay run.

Jet Reports 22.1 is available

Demand Jet Reports 22.1 is available now and contains enhanced authentication methods and improved performance.