Monday, 30 May 2022 13:06

Role Centers in Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Role Center is the user’s entry point and home page for Dynamics 365. You can develop several different role centers, where each Role Center is customised to the profile of the intended users.

Role Centers in Business Central are based on a user – centric design model. You should design a Role Center to give users quick access to information in their daily work.

The following table reflects the list of ‘Excluded Roles’.

Role Center Business Central Structure

Role Center is the home page, a landing page that is designed for the needs of a specific role in an organisation. Depending on the role, the Role Center gives you an overview of the business, department, or personal tasks.

Role Centers in Business Central 2022

1 Navigation Menus Top - level navigation that consisting of one or more root menu items. It's displaying links to other pages
2 Navigation Bar Second - level navigation displays a list of links to other pages. It's embedded control in the page code
3 Action Bar It provides links to pages, reports and codeunits. It will opened in new window in front of the Role Center page

Content Area

Content area consists of one or more parts that display content from other pages. The following table describes some of the most common parts for Role Center, as shown in previous image.

4 Headline Display series of automatic dynamics headlines that show users with updated information and insight to the business
5 Wide Data Cues A block of space to display large numbers, values and statistics
6 Data Cues Visual representation of aggregated business data, like number of open sales invoices or total sales of the month
7 Action Cues Tiles to open another page, video, or other URL targeting
8 Chart Graphical and interactive representation of your business data that can be sourced by custom business chart control add - in or an embedded Power BI report
9 CardPart or ListPart page Display data fields in a form or tabular layout
10 Control add - in Display custom content by using HTML - based control add - in

The Role Center can be tailored for a Role or for individuals. The main advantage of doing it for Role is that, by giving a group the same features, it smooths the learning curve. People will be able to find out different features and help each other become accustomed to it. Check out our Business Central product for more information.