Thursday, 09 June 2022 14:18

How To Use Direct Email in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Ever wonder how to use direct email in quick campaign or you simply want to send direct email to your old opportunity list to reengage with them again before dropping them off permanently.

A Quick Campaign is a campaign where there is only one activity to be done (only emails will be sent out, only phone calls will be made, etc.). It’s done using a Quick Campaign Wizard, and is really easy to create. Just highlight all the Leads, Accounts, Contacts, etc. that you want to be emailed, and then click Create Quick Campaign on your Actions menu above the listview. It pretty much takes about one minute to complete, so it’s pretty simple.

Direct Email in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

 We have question from customer who would like to have the ability to send email to clients in bulk especially if they have the email template without ever using the quick campaign option. The answer is Yes, you could.

So, for today tips we will show you the simple configuration to made the email bulk rather straightforward to do and accelerating your campaign speed quickly. Please watch the quick demo video about sending direct email in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.