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Lead Management Benefits in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics and marketing go way back. With wide array of features, one of the key feature in Dynamics 365 for marketing is Lead Management.


Dynamics 365 for Marketing helps companies automate a lot of their marketing strategies by allowing them to create marketing lists from existing customers and marketing campaigns, all from the interface we love and are used to.

Lead management software is a particular aspect of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality that companies should consider in order to upgrade their marketing and sales toolkits if they want to grow their businesses in the digital age.

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Lead Management Using Dynamics 365 for Marketing

But what if I tell you this can be extended even more? It can and, better yet, it will be covering more features in the coming updates. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft has in development for Dynamics 365 for Marketing Business Edition.


Even though most people associate leads with sales rather than marketing, the initial goal of marketing is to generate leads and that’s what Dynamics 365 for Marketing focuses on.


Lead management brings loads of features like:


  • Lead Generation—Allows marketers to generate leads across multiple sources like emails, LinkedIn, webinars, events, etc.
  • Lead nurturing—Once a lead is generated, he’ll be getting loads of personalized messages at timed intervals to keep him in the loop about what’s going on in the business.
  • Lead Qualification—Use the business process flow and let the lead circulate through its qualification lifecycle.
  • Lead Scoring—Prioritise leads based on defined scoring models. Also provides RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) rules based on collected data like emails clicked, events attended. In addition, with lead scoring, you can assign sales readiness grades per score model to assess how leads can be transformed into opportunities using clear measures.
  • Demand generation effectiveness insights—Enhance demand generation processes using smart analytics, such as:
  1. Power BI dashboards
  2. Dynamics 365 Customer insights charts and widgets.


Benefits of Managing Leads Management Using Software

Without automatic lead management, a lot of this data acquired through mailing lists, web forms or public networking is just sitting there doing nothing for the company. With the lead management tools applied, that data is becoming a very valuable asset, contributing to conversion and profit margins.


In general, lead management using Dynamics 365 also helps the business to know its audiences, the same way that other elements of a CRM software suite build relationships with individual customers. Dynamics 365 will lift off some of users burden from their manual labor misery.


Lead management software is taking some of those first steps in identifying which contacts merit further involvement. For example, Dynamics 365 can take a list of people and figure out which ones have a need for the products and services being offered, so that other pieces of the tools can focus on those of when documenting customer history or crafting special coupons, or whatever the marketing infrastructure is set up to do.


In a way, the benefits are related to not only optimised data use, but to the customer relationships in question. Dynamics 365 lead management helps to really chart a course for marketing and sales activities, and, in the words of Gartner, “close the loop” between marketing and sales channels.


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