Tuesday, 24 October 2023 01:43

Leads & Opportunity Summary with Sales Copilot (Dynamics 365)

Sales Copilot to Manage Lead & Opportunity

Sales Copilot can generate a quick summary of a lead and opportunity record, based on the fields defined in a view. 

First, if your company is based in Australia region, you need to allow data movement across regions in the Power Platform Admin Center using generative AI features.

After that, enable Sales Copilot:

Sales Hub >> App Settings >> Sales Copilot (preview) >> Set up Sales Copilot


Or, if we have already enabled it, we can manage the features provided along with the different apps we want to apply the Sales Copilot using the Manage Apps option. 

Here we can specify to which apps we want to enable the Compose and Chat feature

For the Record summary feature, the first 7 fields of the view are considered. We can see "Default System View" selected by default. 

However, we have the option to select a different view, and then the fields of the selected view will be used for the summaries. 

Below if we select the Closed Leads view and we can see it corresponding fields that will be considered for the summaries. 

the Closed Leads view

We can open an existing lead or opportunity record, and the Sales Copilot automatically generates the summary for that record.

Or if we want to generate summary for a specific lead or opportunity, we can use the below prompt. 

Summarise lead or Summarise opportunity followed by @ and the record's name

Below is the summary for Counts Vong (sample) lead record

Here we can see the AI - generated summary making use of Created On, Topic, Preferred Method of contact, Lead source field etc of Default system view.