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As Microsoft Dynamics 365 has officially launched at a global scale. There are heaps of questions especially from the existing Dynamics CRM customer on transition process from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365. On this new landscape, there are few things that need extra attention and to be familiarised with.

It's a combination of CRM and ERP software into one unified package. Dynamics 365 is made up of Microsoft CRM Online, Dynamics AX and the recent Microsoft acquisitions for field service management and project management. Instead of disparate systems, these are now aligned on one business application platform so that companies and users can pick and choose which apps they need.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Transition

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits for Businesses of All Size

One of our client had no real insight into their inventory or operations. They couldn't report on their progress or provide materials to their supervisor in a timely or consistent manner.


Metisc came to the rescue with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and they can now provide any required information in order to receive continual funding as well as stock their inventory efficiently. As they continue to serve their clients and focus on their mission of expanding their new line of business, they can now continuously improve their processes to help streamline their operations.


Dynamics 365 Transition

Here are the basics of what you can expect during your transition to Dynamics 365.


The new landscape of Dynamics 365 includes several new apps, including financials, and processes. There are two editions of Dynamics 365: Dynamics 365 Business Edition and Enterprise Edition. Both are designed for different business sizes.


Then, the old Dynamics CRM will be broken up into several Apps (applications). In Dynamics 365, both Business and Enterprise editions, you only subscribe to what you need and can expand later. Meaning that if your company just uses the Sales functions of CRM, you just subscribe to that. You have the ability to mix and match different license types based on your business needs.


Help your End Users. It is a recommended best practice to notify users that the system will be switched. Help and training videos and walkthroughs can be distributed to familiarise users with the new experience. It is recommended that you train your users as part of the upgrade process, especially with areas of the user interface that may have changed. This is also good opportunity to provide general refresher training and update training on best practices for using Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Dynamics 365 Transition

Guide for Smooth Transitioning to Dynamics 365


This guide helps to explain what's included in Dynamics 365, how Dynamics 365 is licensed and how to transition successfully from Dynamics CRM to Dynamics 365 with transition mapping and next steps.

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