New Dynamics 365 Marketing Features - 2022 Release Wave 1

The 2022 release wave 1 plan covers all new functionalities planned to be delivered to market from April 2022 to September 2022

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Lead Scoring with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Lead scoring with Dynamics 365 marketing helps sales and marketing people to prioritize leads that coming based on scoring model. Predictive Lead Scoring uses a predictive machine learning model to calculate score for all leads.

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How to Improve Your Email Marketing With Dynamics 365

The primary purpose of email domain authentication is to detect forged messages and domains. Reduce Your Spam Rate With Dynamics 365 Email Authentication.

Five Ways to Win Virtual Events for Your Company

Virtual events are great way to reach out to potential customers in a new way. As many of you are used to personal event, there are things you need to reassess and adapt before actually launching an event like this. Using virtual event software can automate task in creating event.

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What should you expect from a B2B marketing automation software?

you should expect these important features from B2B Marketing Automation Platform, those are: Email Marketing & landing page development, Lead Management and Native CRM Integration
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Best practices for email marketing with Dynamics 365

Sending marketing email is not the same as sending personal email as most people know it. They might seem similar, but there is an important difference: personal emails get delivered to just one or a few people, whereas marketing emails get delivered to many thousands or more every month.
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Lead Management Benefits in Dynamics 365 for Marketing

wide array of features, one of the key feature in Dynamics 365 for Marketing is Lead Management. It helps companies automate a lot of their marketing strategies by allowing them to create marketing lists from existing customers and marketing campaigns.
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Why you should move to cloud email and just stay there

It's time to move to Cloud Email due to 99.9% SLA global standard understanding the email complexity and elevating the information access quality due to email technological advancement
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