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Unlocking Customer Value with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service through Connected Services

In an era marked by seamless experiences, rising customer expectations pose heightened demands on frontline technicians. Swift and accurate issue resolution is now a customer imperative, prompting organisations to view customer experience as both a challenge and an opportunity for differentiation.

The days of technicians relying on disconnected technologies for work orders, asset management, and real-time support dispatch are obsolete. Field service efficiency hinges on empowering technicians with user-friendly solutions that integrate workflow automation, advanced scheduling algorithms, and mobile accessibility. Providing timely information enables technicians to focus on core responsibilities, while streamlined processes for closure monitoring, including billing, have become indispensable.

The integration of Dynamics 365 Field Service is proving transformative in service operations, enhancing efficiency for telecommunications providers and reducing downtime for medical device service technicians. This approach extends to facility management, ensuring safe and automated operations, and enables IoT-driven field service for smart elevator services, elevating customer satisfaction.

Dynamics 365 Field Service, integrated with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Viva Connections, streamlines work order management within familiar platforms, fostering collaboration among dispatchers, frontline technicians, and managers.

Dynamics 365 Field Service

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service integration supports positive customer experiences

Dynamics 365 Field Service works seamlessly with Outlook, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Viva Connections. This means that frontline workers and managers can easily create, view, and manage work orders within Outlook and Teams. The integration boosts collaboration between dispatchers, frontline technicians, and managers by automatically syncing work order data between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365.

For instance, a major Australian-based energy supplier joined forces with Metisc to become a leader in the energy-as-a-service market by delivering top-notch customer experiences. The connected field service solution, combining the capabilities of Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365, unlocked a leaner and more flexible business model, ensuring future scalability. This resulted in:

  • Improved workforce management through flexible scheduling, route optimization, and quota management.
  • Remote supervision of field job execution, along with site awareness/recording and offline mode.
  • Enhanced customer intimacy through service history management, technician visibility, voice of customer, and closed-loop tracking.
  • Superior job outcomes with higher first-time resolution rates and reduced job aborts.

Connected field service redefined the energy supplier's customer engagement model, streamlining work order management. From creating work orders to scheduling the most suitable frontline technician, receiving remote expert assistance, and integrating asset management, Dynamics 365 transformed their field operations. Additional achievements include:

  • Smooth migration from more than 20 legacy disparate business apps to Dynamics 365.
  • Implementation of core business functionalities with over 75 percent out-of-the-box feature fitment.
  • Six phased incremental rollouts, enabling over 1,500 field technicians and more than 600 internal users.
  • On track to reduce the overall cost of IT operations by over 25 percent.

This strategic combination of Dynamics 365 Field Service, Field Service integration, and service operations is proving to be a game-changer, not only improving operational efficiency but also elevating the overall customer experience.

The leaner, AI – powered , and truly automated business, has unleashed novel revenue streams with infinite potential for the client:

Growth Segment Value Delivered
Smart new connections Manage the smart new connections—such as customer management (property developers), lead management, opportunity management, quote management, billing, consolidated billing, and disputes.
Smart field connections Provide onsite service for smart field connections—work order management, skills management, scheduling management, capacity management, and resource management. 
Electric vehicles (e-mobility) Manage electric vehicle (EV) meter installation services—to manage the sales processes for business-to-business (B2B) customers, including installation. 

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