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Microsoft has made massive changes to its end-user automation tools including branding, pricing and the complexity of its licensing. Historically, it’s all began with Microsoft product suite of Power Platform. In there, user indulge in set of top quality business products and some of them are the best in the market voted by experts in Business Software.
Microsoft Power Platform Benefits
On the branding side, Flow is now changed to Power Automate. Power Automate is a cloud – based software tool allowing user to create and automate workflow across multiple applications and services without the need of hard coding knowledge and reaching out to developer desperately. In Orlando event in 2019, Microsoft has announced to public that it made slew updates to Power Platform by adding Power Automate rebrand to the family package, also, by adding Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

What's included in the service?

Before we dive into service area, we would like to point out five major ways to license the functionality without any additional charge, those are:


  • - Office 365
  • - Dynamics 365
  • - Power Apps
  • - Per Flow (Power Automate per flow plan) – for clients who has small number of flow in the organisation, it is still free of charge. User can utilise unlimited flow starting from $500 per month and include unlimited number of users
  • - Per User (Power Automate per user plan) – designed for clients with large number of users with large number of Flows.

There are limits on Power Automate individual plan, those are Common Data Service Database capacity up to 50MB, File capacity up to 200MB, and daily API request up to 15,000. Please refer to the following link for more details about Power Automate licensing guide


Automated workflows are called flows. To create a flow, the user specifies what action should take place when a specific event occurs. Once a flow is built, it can be managed through an app on a mobile device.

Here are top 5 benefits of Power Automate in 2021:

Some experts who have been around in automation industry for quite a years, claimed that Power Automate is the best available automation software available in the market and honored to be the leader in the automation world. At really affordable price and clear functionality structure based on user needs, Microsoft has a golden touch on this one.


Here are 5 top benefits that we compiled on why Power Automate is a must – have software for your organisation:


  • - Improved business processes – obviously, who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family or doing other thing that matters the most to them. It is quantifiable business outcomes on this one.
  • - Data – drive decisions – You can never go wrong with data. The more granular data is, the more comfortable decision maker in doing their job. Quicker decision can now be made on spot without any hesitation.
  • - Increased employee satisfaction and decreased margin of errors – Now this is very critical to lower the turnover cost in an organisation. Happy employee, happy office. Giving employee more sense of direction towards their project as well as improving the length of unit work collectively.
  • - Expand the functionality of all Microsoft Products and it associates – Obviously a great win for organisations who live and breathe Microsoft products from the beginning. They can utilise heaps of inter-connection between apps without moving to different platforms.
  • - Optimise application security – All applications built within Power Platform application are GDPR complied. Therefore, multi – tier security mechanism is used in the application. See Cloud security best practice.

Check out below video for quick look and feel of Power Automate in the browser.

Do You Need Power Automate for Your Organisation ?

We at Metisc, has seen lots of improvement and benefits of our clients after using Power Automate. Feedback that we often hear from them is that it is user – friendly, easy to execute, great ability to aggregate business data instantly and cost friendly. 
Why should I use Power Automate
Contact us today to if you are curious about how this software works and where it can benefits your organisation in the longer run. We will be very happy to give you a free consultation and product demo on the fly.
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