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Why you should move to cloud email and just stay there

Are you not convinced enough to switch to Email Cloud Service? Many people in IT industry will agreed that email service is the most generic and widely utilised service among businesses, but many of them forgot the importance of email communication in business context.


It got us into thinking, email is the realest example to indicate one reputation in digital world. For example, a company without domain name as email address (e.g This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) will be frowned upon and people will look away as it doesn't represent any reliability nor credibility of a company. They could possibly lost potential customer simply because of generic email domain such as,, or The real cost of one business is not merely on running it, but also to maintain it.


To manage an email system to run smoothly is a complex thing. This is the reason why Cloud Email Service will give a significant benefit to the market.


Here are few reasons why most of the company should move to Cloud Email Service:

SLA 99.9% is One Huge Burden in Your Shoulder



Nobody, we mean 'Nobody' will ever get a reward when running email system properly, but whenever the system is 'down', he / she will be the first one under the spotlight. Everyone is expecting the email system to run seamlessly at all time. SLA 99.9% meaning that there is only a downtime for 43 minutes in a month.


To maintain an SLA of 99.9% requires solid strength, system durability, effective human resource and solid maintenance process.



Lacking in Understanding of an Email System Complexity








Email configuration is consisting of several services. These services provide a specific setting on each function. Each sub – system needs to be readjusted and reconfigured to achieve an optimal performance. Based on that, Email system could be very complex and difficult to maintain.



Nearly all of email system needs to be structured with the following network elements; such as:


Mail Transfer Agent Server
Mailbox Server
Proxy Server
LDAP & DNS Server
Mail Security Server
Security Devices
Network Devices
Cyber – Spam, Malware and Virus Security Threat


Email system is always be connected to external environment, whether it is being used only for internal purpose or not. Email system is always been exposed directly towards the lurking security threat every single day. Effective security handling is pivotal for this kind of spam issue when delivering and receiving email; virus and malware can always sneak in through even the slightest email communication connection.


Cyber protection and monitor need to work around the clock because a web intruder can infiltrate with no boundaries limit and time frame, it will snatch into your core system instantly whenever, wherever.


A hacker does not require an administration access or root login to produce such a massive attack that can damage your company IP address, in which eventually will blockage all email traffic in the web world. It only takes one email account to be exploited to create such a catastrophic consequences to your company.



Support and Escalation Structure – 24 / 7


Not all business is open 24 hours a day, but we are able to stop user from sending email after office hours. As mentioned earlier, email system complexity and an obligation to remain online 24 hours require a good set of skills from the IT team. This team need to be multi-disciplined in all elements from server, networking, operating system, security, virtualisation and expertise in email application.



Although most of the people use email every day, it is very easy to ignore the fact that email is remained to be the complex system and possibly very difficult to solve. For example, if you are sending an email and it is not accepted, how would you sorted out that problem? This problem is rooted from configuration mistake among different email server components; such as spam filter setting, or external issue like blacklist.



Private Message – How do we handle this?




Encrypted technology is getting more advanced and although a SSL security certificate could be implemented to avoid security issue, the question is how we ensure that the administrator system will not game the system and accessing sensitive information. These challenges are able to be minimised with proper design and technology, but eventually it needs to be combined with properly educating and training the human resources with the right knowledge.


If you are thinking of moving to Cloud Email Service and / or need further technical advise about it's implementation, please contact us here ( or simply call us now at +61 (8) 9355 5880.

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