Dynamics 365 offers executives & CEO valuable insights into performance and opportunities through its business intelligence platform. Also, it gives employees the practical tools to be more productive, improve customer relationships and win more business.  

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Before You Buy

Identify Roles & Responsibilities you’ll need to identify a deployment team that will manage the process.

Business Managers - This is your strategic planers. Key decision is in their hands over how your organisation will use Dynamics 365.

Project Managers will lead the deployment efforts through its entire project lifecycle. They will ensure your vision will come to realisation.

Network Staff - They’ll be responsible for handling the actual deployment of Dynamics 365. They’ll also determine how users will access the system.

Other Technical Staff - This team will be in charge for any critical tasks during deployment when customisation involved. They will step in for any special requests.

Dynamics 365 Roles and Responsibilities
Deployment Options Dynamics 365

Choose Your Deployment Option Cloud or On - Premise, the choice is yours

You can now deploy Dynamics 365 applications in the cloud or on-premises. Cloud deployments offer an ERP service that is fully managed by Microsoft, while on-premises deployments are deployed locally within a customer's data center. It is very important for CEO or executives before deploying Dynamics 365.

The following considerations must be taken when you choose on-premises as a deployment option:

  • Regulatory and compliance needs that are not available in the cloud certifications.
  • Disconnected business process with intermittent internet connectivity required to access Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS) for application lifecycle management.
  • Features not implemented in on-premises deployments.
  • System requirements for on-premises deployments.

Licensing You need to understand the difference between various type of licensing option.

For Dynamics 365 Server, there’s no licensing limit for individual users. The licensing can support numerous sub-units within your overarching organisation. You can also improve performance with role-based service installation, which allows you to install Dynamics 365 Server and all its features on multiple machines.

Make sure CEO or executives have a solid grasp on the number and types of licenses needed prior to beginning the deployment of Dynamics 365. This will cut down on the number of adjustments you need to make later in the process.

Licensing type for Dynamics 365
Subscription partner Dynamics 365

Buy & Manage Subscription from Partner There are many ways to buy a subscription

  • Buy through a Cloud solution provider (cloud only).
  • Buy through a partner, and use volume licensing (cloud or on-premises).
  • Buy through a partner from the Dynamics price list (on-premises only).

Choosing the best partner for your implementation, ongoing services, and support is an extremely integral part of the success of your deployment.

Being a certified partner means that the partner has to follow guidelines set by Microsoft in the areas of:

  • Quality
  • Certifications
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Ability to deliver to you, the customer

When you choose a certified partner, they have access to support, bulletins about new products, and trial copies of software to use prior to the general release.


By focusing on preparing team, CEO or executives are making sure all systems possess the proper specifications, and conducting extensive training and review, they should have a relatively uneventful Dynamics 365 deployment.  

Communication takes great role in deployment process; these important decision makes need to be very clear from early deployment stage to ensure high level of satisfaction rate and making your deployment process a success.  

Metisc as Microsoft Trusted Partner For the past 25 years, we love to integrate software packages and simplify how your business operates

Microsoft Gold Partner Microsoft Silver Midmarket Cloud Solution
Metisc is currently Microsoft Gold Partner in Application Development and Silver Partner in Small and Midmarket Cloud Solution. There are multiple Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professional) on staff and multiple time being rewarded with significant awards in Technology field across Australia.  

We provide four main pillars of service excellence in making Dynamics 365 for decision maker & executives a right solution: Services – Support – Education – Add ons 
Professional Consulting Service
Our consultants go through Microsoft Certifications for application, configuration, and development. We work with organisations to plan, design, develop, and implement their Dynamics 365 Solution. 
This is another integral part of our client success story. We will adapt and execute all your custom needs in an efficient way.  

it is important that the partner organisation you have selected offer ongoing support for any ad hoc questions or issues that may arise so you can focus on your core business operations.  
Education & Training
Train the trainers. Metisc is well designed with providing a high quality training to all of our clients. This allows for better user adoption, a faster return on your investment, and the ability to see the analytics that are important to key business decisions. 

Type of training that we can provide, including:  

  • Tailored training 
  • Dynamics 365 University Training 
  • Webinars On Demand 
Add - Ons
Finally, this is the most important feature of our service excellence in Dynamics 365 implementation. As a reliable integrator, we are able to design an integrator to allow deep synchronisation and / or enhancing main function of Dynamics 365 with various tools or software that your company is using.  

Our goal is to create integrated software packages that simplify and improve how your business operates with all-in-one software integrator solution. 

Introducing MiSync for Dynamics 365. MiSync for Microsoft Dynamics 365 is workstation and server side solution, for directly synchronising contacts, appointments and service activities between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Outlook / Microsoft Exchange Server.  

With MiSync for Dynamics 365, you can ensure that your Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Exchange Server contact data will up to date with no need for manual input. You can trust that the data will be free of duplications while giving you complete control over when and what data synchronises. 

It allows you to take control of the complexities of managing and supporting your business across all areas of operation. 


Guide for Smooth Transitioning to Dynamics 365

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