Microsoft Dynamics 365
for Nonprofits

Know Your Donors and Supporters by Aligning Program Needs

Donor Engagement Software

Modernise Donor Engagement

Attract & grow donors with tools that tailor the donor experience with rapid donation management & payment processing
Constituent Management Software

Gain Deeper Constituent Insights

Align marketing & fundraising teams to create meaningful constituent connections with unified data & technology
Marketing Software for Non Profit Organisation

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Personalise outreach to donors & volunteers based on history & interactions with organisation for best marketing journeys
Dynamics 365 for Donor and nonprofits management

Earn Lifelong Donors

Build donor loyalty with Dynamics 365 Customer Service by empowering teams with streamlined data & unified technology for personalised experiences

Intelligent Constituent Management

Earn donors and volunteers for life with CRM capabilities. Take contextual information into every conversation and enable personalised interactions through a 360 - degree view of donor and volunteer engagements.
  • View a donor's complete donation history in one place
  • Easily see all donors pledged or planned giving for forecasting data
Donor and Volunteer Management Software
Donor and Volunteer Management Software

Modern Finance & Operations

Automate and modernise your financial operations for nonprofits of all sizes with Dynamics 365 Finance and Business Central. Monitor performance in real time, predict future outcomes, and make data - driven decisions to drive greater impact.
  • Advanced Cloud - based with Easy - to - adopt system
  • Common Data Model for data consistency across organisation
  • Low barrier to entry than comparable system
  • Donation / pledge information integration with Accounting module


Industry and Solution Resources
Bridging Revenue Gap for NFP

Learn The Secret Strategy of Bridging Revenue Gap for NFP

  • How to remain competitive during this difficult time?
  • Ensuring revenue target is achieved this year
  • How to bridge revenue gaps?
  • Expert opinions from CEO of Non Profit, Fundraising and Philantrophic Organisation
4 Ways your Non Profit can prepare for better future

4 Ways Your Not - For - Profit Can Prepare for Better Future

  • How to get more funds and grants ?
  • Identify an efficient NFP company and leveraging the right data
  • Are you keeping your clients and sponsors happy ?
  • How to untangle the complexity of managing Non Profit?
5 ways nfp & fundraising CEO's fail to increase donations & how to fix them

5 Ways NFP & Fundraising CEO's Fail to Increase Donations & How to Fix Them

  • Identify 5 critical areas to improve donation 'RFM'
  • Why most NFP & Fundraising organisations are failing to increase donations?
  • CEO's opinion on different challenges in donation management

Microsoft Grants for Non Profit

Non Profit Eligibility for Microsoft Open License

Is Our Nonprofit Eligible for Microsoft Open License?

Frequently Asked Questions about Grant Program from Microsoft

  • How do I apply for the nonprofit programs available to my organisation?

    Microsoft provides grants and discounts for eligible nonprofit organisations, including cloud services like Microsoft 365, Office 365, Azure and Dynamics 365, Surface hardware and on-premises software. 

    We will help you to get assessment about your organisation qualification from Microsoft.  

  • What are the eligibility requirements for Microsoft Nonprofit program?
  • How is eligibility for these programs determined?
  • How long does it take to receive eligibility validation?
  • How long does eligibility last?
  • What determines pricing for nonprofit products & services from Microsoft
Please contact us for more information and we will be very happy to help you for further assessment regarding eligibility for Microsoft License for Nonprofits. 

Metisc Commitments to
Non Profit Organisation

We're here to help Non Profits creating social impact through technology

Technology for Social Impact

Your organisation is entitled to get grants and discounts across Microsoft Cloud Products including Azure, Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365. We are able to help

Capacity Building

We provide training and learning paths so Non Profit employees can use technology to drive greater impact

Microsoft Partners

Metisc work with partners across Microsoft partner ecosystem, making us your reliable partner in Cloud technology to drive nonprofit digital transformation

Social Investment

Metisc have established a unique social investment model where incremental revenue is reinvested into causes for any social program through technology grants

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