Council Information Management System

Single View of Council Core Information

Donor Engagement Software

Single View of Core Information

Provide a single place for maintaining & viewing interaction with stakeholders including email, phone calls, letters, documents, meetings, complaints, etc
Constituent Management Software

Mobility for Workforce & Constituents

Provide mobility & online access to on-field staff to access & manage council information, manage functions, asset maintenance & infrastructure repairs
Marketing Software for Non Profit Organisation

One Management of Business Processes

Use Dynamics 365 to improve Customer Service activities that provide customer-focused analytics & measure for better Customer Servie KPIs
Dynamics 365 for Donor and nonprofits management

Best Document & Records Management

Provide seamless integration for document & records management through SharePoint. Reduce reliance on core systems & enhance data integrity using Cloud 

Intelligent Council Management

We are providing a custom lightweight solution using Dynamics 365 as main framework that fits with council strategy and needs to improve Customer Service activities.
  • All queries, processes and cases are managed through logical conclusions
  • Suitable and responsive feedback to constituents
  • Managing queries, processes & cases through logical conclusions & fast feedback to constituents
  • Animal Control (Ranger Services)
  • Asset Maintenances
  • Infrastructure Repairs (Works)
  • More custom functions are available
Donor and Volunteer Management Software
Council Management Software

Truly CLOUD based

Councils can confidently reduce their reliance on core systems and reduce their licenses and move truly into the cloud. Having a better confidence knowing that data integrity is maintained and staff productivity is improved.
  • Provides document & records management
  • Seamless integration through Microsoft SharePoint technology
  • Save and secure Writeback to Underlying data sources
  • Business processes and registers is simply built & maintained in single place

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Industry and Solution Resources
KPMG / Microsoft Solution for Local Council

Futureproof of Local Council by KPMG /Microsoft

  • Big challenges for Local Council
  • Blueprint for future-fit local government
  • Digital Transformation for local council
Microsoft Appsource Metisc MiCouncil

MiCouncil in Microsoft Marketplace

  • Trusted Microsoft partner
  • Install from trusted source
  • Industry leading software developer
  • Right app for all your business needs
ERP for local Australia council management

Which ERP is right for my council ?

  • Identify 3 types of ERP systems
  • Which ERP is right for me?
  • 6 must - haves for your new ERP system
  • Pros and cons of each ERP

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