Wiise is clever business software
that shows you the full potential of your business,
all in the one place.

See how finance impacts forecasting, or inventory
affects invoicing, to get a clearer picture
of what's happening at every level of your business.

Wiise Accounting Software
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Bring it all together with clever business software

Wiise will streamline the way you manage your business. From basic, to advanced financial information, supply chains, distribution to forecasting and Cortana Intelligence, Wiise brings greater clarity to your business:

  • - Link with Microsoft Office 365 applications like Outlook and Dynamics 365 for Sales for a more seamless experience.
  • - Personalise each Wiise user based on your business and their role
  • - With one easy solution, see and connect banking, accounting, payroll data
  • - With Wiise, make decisions with certainty and drive insights with data and analytics solutions

Bring Everything Under One Roof

Wiise brings all your finance, accounting, banking, inventory, job costing, payroll, manufacturing, and service management systems in one place, giving you more time to focus on your business.

Share Clever Business Insights with Your Team

See your business clearly and improve decision making with advanced reporting and analytics, cash flow forecasting and measurable data sources. 

 Scaling as Your Business Grows

More than an online accounting software, Wiise allows your business to grow without having to upgrade to another solution. Simply unlock more functionality with a change in your subscription as your business grows and needs change. 


What is Wiise Payroll

Wiise Payroll streamlines the process of paying employees, updating payment information and automates synchronisation between journals and the rest of your business accounting. Wiise Payroll helps you see the full picture of your business with powerful payroll reporting and tailored user dashboards all in one place.

Key benefits:


  • - Eliminate the hassle of manual processes like payroll journals and setting up pay calculations
  • - Break down the silos with single touch compliance with the ATO and SuperStream
  • - Streamline the way you work, with features like quick access to Australian modern awards and personalised secure user experiences
  • - Get clarity on your employee costs with powerful tag, track and report capabilities

Subscription Pricing


$49 per user / month
  • Perfect for most businesses looking for clarity
  • Integrated Solution for critical back - end functions
  • Complete solution from banking to accounting
  • Simple invoicing to basic inventory


$119 per user / month
  • Perfect for businesses that need to cut through more complexity
  • Complete picture with sophisticated reporting
  • Multiple location handling and heavier inventory needs
  • Better decisions certainty with project costing


$199 per user / year
  • Perfect for businesses with many layers of complexity and larger scale operations
  • One solution from accounting to service management
  • Breaking down silos of of complex processes
  • When you see it, you can solve it

Wiise Not For Profit

Clever business software that supports the full potential of Not for profit organisation in Australia

Wiise Payroll Options

Reach your full potential with unlimited employees within an integrated payroll solution. Wiise payroll comes in two pricing options. Click HERE to find out more.

Single Touch Payroll Compliant Employee Self - Service Automated Awards Pay your people accurately

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