Wiise Accounting Software

Wiise is clever business software that shows you the full potential of your business all in the one place. 

See how finance impacts forecasting, or inventory affects invoicing, to get a clearer picture of what's happening at every level of your business

Clever Accounting Software

Created by KPMG, build on Microsoft, and supported by Commonwealth Bank

Comprehensive Accounting Solution

Build your business with an integrated solution build on Microsoft technology

Optimise With Latest Technology

Gain insights about your business with advanced data gathering and data analytics tools 

Fully Microsoft Ecosystem Integrated

Link Wiise with native programs across Microsoft Suite

360 View of Customer Insights

Connect and share data across your banking and accounting software seamlessly and easily

I need to know more information

Are you the CEO or General Manager who is in dire needs of better system to improve the whole operation game. 

From decision makers to floor managers, everyone is working on the floor need a unified system to stay connected and accessing the same valuable data. 

You need to rely on a solid technology that built on top of reliable solution foundation. The one that makes sense of complex financial histories to stay on top of the complicated billing and payment process at multiple sites. 

Look what you can get with Dynamics 365 for Supply Chain Management: 

- Accelerate time to market & resolve product quality issues
- Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations
- Gain planning agility to fulfill customer demand
- Maximise asset uptime & longevity
- Optimise inventory & logistics
- Streamlining operations

"If your business need to fill in the gap with above capabilities, feel free to book a free consultation slow below. One call, no obligation."

- Graham Hill, Founder of Metisc 

Graham Hill Metisc CEO

Key Benefits

  • Microsoft Integration

    Bring it all together with clever business software

    Wiise will streamline the way you manage your business. From basic, to advanced financial information, supply chains, distribution to forecasting and Cortana intelligence.

    Wiise brings greater clarity to your business:

    • - Link with Microsoft Office 365 applications like Outlook and Dynamics 365 for Sales for a more seamless experience

    • - Personalise each Wiise user based on your business and their role

    • - With one easy solution, see and connect banking, accounting, and payroll data

    • - With Wiise, make decisions with certainty and drive insights with data and analytics solutions

  • Wiise Benefits
  • Wiise Payroll

Wiise, Made for Aussie Business


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