MiMember Membership Management Software

What is MiMember - Membership Management

MiMember is a suite solution to manage membership and subscription based organisation with self - service portal.

The solution components are able to integrate all type of business needs in an effort to increasing new member acquisition, higher member engagement rate, and increasing membership renewal rate.

Think Outside The Box

What MiMember Integrates?

Member Customisation

Online member service and omni - channel marketing communications with more powerful feature and greater engagement 

Event Management

Single robust event management tool to the creation and development of various scale event

eCommerce Integration

Leading website and eCommerce integration platform to manage member transaction securely

Accounting Integration

Powerful end - to - end Accounting integration system allowing seamless integration between membership systems


Simplified and automate member discount and rebate system without hassle. Set and Forget.


Integrated subscription solution to automate member renewal, reminder and other daunting manual task

MiMember for Association

How can Membership associations grow in High demanded market?


MiMember in a glance

Attract New Member

Boost the registration rates of new member by targeting at the right people with robust membership solution


Segment customers based on loyalty, interest and location for more effective lead generation and pipeline management

Engage Current Member

Understanding their preferences for more meaningful and lasting relationship management towards their opinions & needs

Increased Member Renewal

Utilise timely communication and automatic renewal to retain members seamlessly. Gain 360 degrees view to seize opportunity

Ready for MiMember?

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